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*[[Welcome Home, Animaniacs! (partially found Kids' WB Saturday morning preview; 1995)]]
*[[Welcome Home, Animaniacs! (partially found Kids' WB Saturday morning preview; 1995)]]
*[[Animaniacs (unproduced "Minerva Mink" animated shorts; early 1990s)]]
*[[Animaniacs (unproduced "Minerva Mink" animated shorts; early 1990s)]]
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[[Category:Lost animation]]
[[Category:Lost animation|Brainstem]]
[[Category:Lost music]]
[[Category:Lost music|Brainstem]]
[[Category:Lost TV]]
[[Category:Lost TV|Brainstem]]
[[Category:Completely lost media|Brainstem]]

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An image from the musical number.

Status: Lost

Pinky and the Brain is a spin-off from the animated series Animaniacs that premiered in 1995 about two mice who develop different schemes to take over the world.

The third episode of the show ends with a song called "Brainstem" about the different parts of the brain. A month before the show's premiere, several WB affiliates, including KWBP 32 in Portland, Oregon (now known as KRCW-TV) showed a different version of the song where Brain says "Now, let's get this show on the road. Yes!" instead of "That oughta keep the little squirts happy. Yes!" at the end, in a similar manner to how the song "Yakko's World" from Animaniacs was previewed before it aired with different narration at the beginning before it's premiere. Aside from a brief mention on a tribute page to Kids' WB!,[1] no footage of this version has surfaced.

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"Brainstem" (premiere version)

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