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Before creating a page, make sure you have familiarised yourself with our rules, guidelines and tips!

Last updated: December 15, 2020
(Added rule regarding illegal material)

Common Pitfalls

Here are how to avoid the most common mistakes when writing articles. This is NOT a substitute for reading the rules, but should still be taken into consideration.

Rule Details
1. Read the full rules. It's not enough to skim them or to just read this summarized list. You must read all the rules and guidelines in their entirety, and follow them. Keep the page open while writing and refer back to it constantly.
2. Make sure your page is complete before you post it. Posting unfinished articles, unless by accident, is not acceptable. Do not tag your own article as Needing Work either - if you know it needs work then you know it's not done yet.
3. Plagiarism is not acceptable. If you've copied any part of your article from another source (other than direct quotes), the page will likely be deleted. Continuing to post plagiarized articles will result in a ban.
4. Include valid references. You need to let us know where you got your information from. This should be properly formatted with reference code, and should also avoid using sources that are not credible.
5. Make sure the media is notable. If it aired on TV, for instance, it's probably safe. But for internet media especially, the subject must be popular enough to justify it being here. When in doubt, ask before assuming.
6. Do not settle for "good enough". You should not be doing the bare minimum to get articles out as quickly as possible. Put effort into every article and take your time, there is no rush.
7. Read and follow the full rules. This cannot be stressed enough.

Example: Mickey Mouse in Vietnam (found silent animated short; 1968)


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