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Why are you snooping in my backpack??? Well, since you've found me, let me introduce myself. I am SenaUW, also known as MMRivit (or simply Rivit) in gaming communities. A huge Avenged Sevenfold (a modest hard rock/heavy metal act from Huntington Beach, California) fan, I have developed a strong interest in "Lost Media" since I've found out about the existence of lost El Chavo del Ocho episodes in Brazilian Chespirito fan websites from early 00's.

Dick Dale-esque music plays

I've discovered the Lost Media Wiki in mid to late 2014 after searching for "lost episodes" of obscure or even mainstream TV shows, but didn't start properly contributing to the community until after the move to our independently hosted website (my first contribution being, of course, about El Chavo). Since then, I've been a regular contributor and, while not editing articles for structural fixing (wiki markup is sort of my second language), a regular lurker. In August 2017, after a month of serving moderation duties on the official LMW Discord server, I've earned the position of administrator.

Some of my article compositions might take a few years while to be published not because I'm lazy or anything like that, but rather because I refrain from doing multiple edits trying to fix mistakes and cluttering the page's history/recent changes feed. In other words: I like to get it perfect on the first shot. We all make mistakes, however, and I'll end up fixing some details anyway.

Pieces of Mine


Lost TV

Lost music

Lost video games


These are still WIP at the moment, and should be published as soon as they're considered read-worthy.

  • Miguelito (partially found Brazilian sitcom TV series; 1999-2000)
  • Successful Failure (lost demo album of M. Shadows punk rock band; 1998-1999)

Useful Links

  • Wikipedia's wiki markup guide. Need wiki code that you can't find in our articles? This page is guaranteed to have it.
  • Wikipedia's guide on citing sources. Please show your references some love and format them properly! Don't leave them nude exposed.

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