Youri, the Spaceman (partially lost 3D animated series; 2002)

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The series' titular character.

Status: Partially Lost

Youri, the Spaceman is a 2002 3D animated series created by Sparkling*, the now-defunct subsidiary company of France-based Sparx* Animation Studios.[1] Produced for Cartoon Network, La Machine, Method Films and FTD, the series consists of 26 three-minute episodes chronicling the life of the titular character Youri, an astronaut that has become stranded on the moon.[2]

While only a limited amount of information on the series' history can be found today, it is known to have received both a French and English dub and has aired in a variety of countries such as France, America and Australia.[3] Notably, figurines for the series seem to have been in production at some point, with at least one of them (a model of Youri's spaceship) showing up on eBay in the past.[4]

In 2002, Cartoon Network France had a block named "Youri Networkski" with Youri the Spaceman shorts and episodes of random Cartoon Network shows (such as The Powerpuff Girls and I am Weasel) in English with French subtitles rather than dubbed into French.

Youri, the Spaceman was, by most, considered fairly elusive for some time, with only a handful of episodes having been made available online, until December of 2014, when MySpleen user ChupaX uploaded a torrent containing a DVDRip of 18 of the 26 episodes in their English dub (having previously recorded them from Animania HD several years earlier), rendering the bulk of the series readily accessible. As of this writing, 20 episodes are accounted for; the remaining lost 6 episodes have been identified via an episode listing found at[5] The missing episodes are as follows:

  • Episode 2 - Youri wonders how on earth his snug little spot ended up in a Swedish hiking guide.
  • Episode 10 - As soon as the mating season comes round, Youri cannot fathom what his spaceship has going for it that he doesn't.
  • Episode 15 - Youri tells himself he hasn't quite yet grasped the sexuality of jellyfish.
  • Episode 18 - Night after night, Youri stands in wait, hoping he'll catch the intruder "ransacking" his lounge.
  • Episode 20 - Youri realizes it's all very well to be up in the seventh heaven, as long as you know how to get back down again.
  • Episode 26 - Youri feels he's probably more suited to psychological dramas than westerns.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Youri Networkski.png

A streaming mirror of the aforementioned 18 HD episodes.
An additional episode, sourced from an Australian VHS recording (seen at the 18:32 mark).
Episode 7 of the series.

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