Hotdog TV (partially found Cartoon Network interstitial series; 2010)

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Screenshot of the show

Status: Partially Found

Hotdog TV was a series of one-minute interstitial featuring hot dog puppets from one of the Henson Company's own stage shows, Stuffed and Unstrung (which originated from City Kids). It was directed by Patrick Bristow along with Brian Henson in the early episodes and written by Nate Knetchel.

The series ran on Cartoon Network in summer 2010 and has not aired or been released since. Very little is known about the show apart from the fact that 12 episodes of it were made and the names and air dates of three of them were "Argh!" (July 15th, 2010), "Fiendish Footlong" (August 2nd, 2010), and "Truth or Dare" (August 17th, 2010). Additionally, the plot for "Fiendish Footlong" reportedly involved a hot dog finding the titular fiendish footlong, which ends up in a chase. [1] A clip from an unknown short can be seen on a puppetry reel posted by puppeteer Donna Kimball to YouTube on December 15th, 2018 at approximately 2:01, consisting of some hot dogs at the beach getting their relaxation interrupted by a shark fin.

On November 8th, 2019, YouTube user Fry Letterman uploaded a VHS rip of the "Fiendish Footlong" episode. However, the beginning seems to be cut off.

List Of Known Shorts[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Air date Status
1 Argh! July 15th, 2010 Lost
2 Fiendish Footlong August 2nd, 2010 Partially Lost
3 Truth Or Dare August 17th, 2010 Lost
4 Put Me In Coach September 20, 2010 Lost

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Most of the "Fiendish Footlong" short.
Image from Argh!.
Donna Kimball's Puppeteer Reel showing an unknown short at 2:00.

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