Fridays aka "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays" (partially found interstitials from Cartoon Network channel block; 1999–2007)

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Status: Partially Found

"Cartoon Cartoon Fridays", also known as CCF and later simply retitled "Fridays", was a highly successful programming block on Cartoon Network for their original series. It lasted from June 11, 1999, to February 23, 2007. Although many episodes have been recovered over the years, others remain lost. Promotional bumpers made for the block's broadcasts are scarcely available. Voiceover work on these promos was provided by Harry Shearer (1999-2000), Tom Clark (2000-2002), and Doug Preis (2002-2003).

Lost and found segments[edit | edit source]

Update 7/9/16[edit | edit source]

LMW user ""Nodog"" has uploaded an audio promo from 2004 in an old Ed Edd, n Eddy tape.

November 17, 2000[edit | edit source]

This was the premiere night of the short-lived series Sheep in the Big City. Edd (from Ed, Edd, n Eddy) hosted a unique night that was never aired again. Throughout the program, the title character of Johnny Bravo as well as Chicken (from Cow & Chicken) harassed Edd to the point where he had to call for Baboon (from I Am Weasel) to beat up the troublemakers. This is one notable CCF that is missing from YouTube user ccffreak's account.[1] A few very brief clips of this night can be seen in the CCF theme from 2002. Also, a small clip appeared in a fan-made video, but it is hard to hear due to narrator talking over it. On September 16, 2015. Lost Media Wiki user Nodog uploaded the Edd segments in full.

The Edd segments in full.
Brief clips from this night are seen at 0:41 and 1:09.
Scene from that night starting at 2:01.

Eustace hosts[edit | edit source]

When CCF introduced character hosts in the summer of 2000, Eustace (from Courage the Cowardly Dog) was the first to host.[2] He hosted on a number of occasions throughout the summer and fall of that year. Later in 2001, he hosted a new night with his wife, Muriel. This was due to the retirement of his voice actor Lionel G. Wilson, who was replaced with Arthur Anderson in later appearances.

Christmas in July Party[edit | edit source]

The Christmas in July Party aired July 20, 2001. It used all the same bumpers as the Christmas Party special in 2000, only with Baboon yelling "in July" when necessary. It is notable for airing the pilot of Codename: Kids Next Door, "No P in the Ool".

Edd Checks the Schedule (ads)[edit | edit source]

For the last half of 2000, there was a new series of ads which featured Edd checking who was going to be hosting the following week. The only one of these ads that ever resurfaced were for the Halloween Party special and the block from the week that Sheep in the Big City premiered. The remaining advertisements have yet to be found.

Ad at the start of video.

"Cartoon Network's Fridays" host segments[edit | edit source]

In October 2003, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays was rebranded as "The New Fridays" and given new host segments, featuring live-action hosts Tommy & Nzinga. Unlike its predecessor, Fridays host segments changed every week, meaning that its host segments are much more difficult to find than the CCF host segments. Many of the Fridays host segments are currently lost and missing from YouTube, although they have been mentioned on forums such as ToonZone. However, a few segments from mid-2004 have surfaced and were uploaded in a compilation video.


"Summer Fridays" segments[edit | edit source]

Beginning on May 23, 2003, CCF adopted a temporary look called "Summer Fridays" that ran from 7pm until 12am every Friday night. Unlike CCF, these segments were not hosted by a character. Very little footage exists online of the block; CCFfreak, a YouTube user who archives Cartoon Cartoon Fridays host segments, stated that he did not like the block as soon as he saw the first host segment and only has the first half or so of a Kids Next Door episode from the first night saved. However, more footage has begun to be preserved; CN archivist SpongeBranded uploaded a few host segments from the block in November 2016, and Captain B. Zarre has uploaded the intro and a few host segments of the "Fridays" block that used very similar bumpers.

"Mama's Little Ed" promo[edit | edit source]

A promo for the April 6, 2001, episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy titled "Momma's Little Ed" featuring Tom Clark's voiceover describing the Eds' usage of "forged sticky notes" has not resurfaced online and is considered lost.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

RebelTaxi's video on the subject.

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