Little Einsteins (lost second pitch pilot of Playhouse Disney animated series; existence unconfirmed; 2004)

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Little einsteins pilot logo.jpeg

The logo from the first pilot.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Little Einsteins is an animated series that ran on Playhouse Disney from 2005-2010. The show consists of the characters Leo, Quincy, June, Annie and Rocket (the rocketship) as they interact with the viewer and teach art and music appreciation.

Pilots[edit | edit source]

The show had two pilot that were pitch to The Little Einstein Company (then owned by Disney). The first pitch (then titled Little Einstein) ended up becoming a promo that was included in multiple Baby Einstein DVDs and VHS tapes in 2004, the pilot shows the characters in a much earlier design than in the final show. In early 2005, a second version of the pitch with the character's updated designs was also included on various Disney and Baby Einstein DVDs.

There's rumored to be a second pitch that was made. The only mentioning of it's existence is from an archived Douglas Wood autobiography that stated:

"He also created and wrote the pilot for an animated series for Disney based on the successful line of BABY EINSTEIN products that is preparing to go into production."[1]

The other evidence being an image of the character with different concept designs compared to both the pilot and the final show. Although some sources like the Little Einstein's Wiki state that it was only one of many unanimated sketches made for the show. But this has yet to be verified by an official source.

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A promo for the show that was included on various DVDs.
Second version of the first pilot.

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