Disney Channel Interactive (lost Dish Network game channel; late 2000s)

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A screenshot of the Zack and Cody game.

Status: Lost

Disney Channel Interactive was a service offered by Dish Network beginning in 2007. Using their remote, a viewer with the proper cable box could access the interactive service by going to channel 100 (DishHOME). Once there, they could play various mini-games produced by Visiware related to Disney Channel shows.[1][2] (The channel also offered show descriptions and information about when specific shows were going to air on Disney Channel.)

The service included exclusive games based off Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, That's So Raven, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. (It is possible other Disney games mentioned as being developed by Visiware such as an Emperor's New School game were available. However, this is unconfirmed.)

Similarly to DirecTV's Game Lounge, there were limited free periods as well as a $5/month subscription offered.[3]

It is unknown the exact date in which the service was discontinued; press releases as late as 2010 mention the service. It was likely discontinued due to the shows featured on the service having been cancelled.

While it is unlikely the games on the service will ever be recovered, the limited footage does exist on the Internet of the service. It is known that the Zack and Cody game was entitled "Tipton Token Face-Off" because of this footage.

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The only surviving footage of the game channel

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