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Status: Feeling Good

YoshiKiller2S is a Canadian-made Nintendo head/Joyconboy+/Script Collector from Toronto, Ontario that was aired on the Canadian channel YTV in the early 2000s and is now currently owned by the Lost Media Wiki.

YoshiKiller2S ran for 18 seasons and a total of 181 episodes and plus 3 Christmas specials, a theatrical animated movie released in 2016, straight to DVD movie distributed by Reagal Films in 2017, and is getting a Dreamworks CGI live-action reboot set to release in late 2024.

In recent episodes, a new NPC added to the Show named "BrayBray" became the fockin' most hated/loved/pissed on/Cummed for, NPC and it sucks ass.

Stuff I Found/Discovered[edit | edit source]

Title of Media What I Found or Discovered
Disney Circle 7 Animation (production material) Found Circle 7 Animation's Toy Story 3 script as well as an earlier draft.
Toy Story 4 (original script) Found the whole script.
Beetlejuice in Love Script Found the script.
Roger Rabbit 2: Who Discovered Roger Rabbit? Found the script.
Friday the 13th Part 13 Final Draft Found the script.
Hammerman Discovered someone that had the lost episode Dropping Out and got said user to upload it to YouTube.
Mess O' Blues Found 15 seconds of footage as well as discovered four animation cels.