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I am the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind.

Hiya everybody! The name is Spoofer and I am an admin here on these parts. I took to the Lost Media Wiki sometime in 2014 when looking into that Metal Slug GBC bootleg and it was a giant rabbit hole of intrigue since. It was fun witnessing some major stuff being found since then, heck I even partook in finding some things for the wiki since.

I am a laid back guy with an odd sense of humor, and you can find me patrolling the Discord and getting into Shenanigans with Smith aka Kaotem. Also I may or may not be a voice clone of young Nicolas Cage or Chills aka the Burger King Foot Lettuce Guy.

The stuff I have found:

Nickelodeon Magazine's Big 10 Birthday Bash

"Dance_With_The_Devil"_(found_unreleased_Prince_song;_1989) Dance with the Devil

Star-ving Web Series

Baby Bob