The Beagles (partially found animated series; 1966-1967)

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Cover of the album "Here Come The Beagles."

Status: Partially Found

The Beagles was the last cartoon produced by Total Television Productions. It aired on CBS from September 10th, 1966, to September 2nd, 1967. It was inspired by the rock group The Beatles, who had a cartoon series (produced by King Features) airing on ABC.[1] The show focuses on the lives of the members of "The Beagles," including Stringer (voiced by Mort Marshall), Tubby (voiced by Allen Swift, an occurring voice actor for TTV dating back to The King and Odie), and their manager Scotty (also voiced by Allen Swift).

While Joe Harris (co-founder of Total Television and creator of Underdog) recently mentioned in an interview with Mark Arnold for the book Created and Produced by Total Television Productions that he has the masters of the show, it's unknown whether or not DreamWorks Classics, the current rights holder, will help or hinder a re-release of the series onto a new medium.[2] Only clips of the show have resurfaced on YouTube, uploaded by YouTubers "dandydeal" and "toontracker." The clips in the gallery below are the only ones that are available online.

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