Super Mario 64 big star secret (partially found YouTube screamer video; 2007-2012)

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The video's thumbnail as found on a Facebook page.

Status: Partially Found

On August 15th, 2007, a YouTube user by the name of LotusMan17 uploaded a screamer video by the name of "Super Mario 64 big star secret".[1] It would later be deleted from his channel in late-2012.

Despite the video's short availability, it was quite popular, with the last known archive of the video showing that it garnered upwards of 698,316 views (possibly having even more before it was deleted), and was also shared on many forums to try and trick other users into getting jumpscared.

The Video[edit | edit source]

The video was edited with Windows Movie Maker 2, containing several scrolling text titles to provide steps on how to unlock Luigi.

In the video, Lotus had recorded the screen of his computer with a flip-phone (believed to be a Motorola RAZR V3) to "give it a more genuine look." He had modified the castle with the level editor "Toad’s Tool 64" to add a door to the right wall next to the main lobby’s staircase and to change Mario’s shirt to be blue and his overalls to be black. A few other changes were made in the level-editor, such as the swapping of the castle’s gray brick texture to a black one that Lotus himself created in MS Paint.

The video was eventually muted to avoid copyright but was eventually AudioSwapped. Most people recall hearing "Dreamscape" by 009 Sound System; however, after some digging into several comments, it's likely that the actual song used was "Database" by Alexander Perls, who was also the creator of 009 Sound System. Lotus recalls having been emailed an offer to put a song on his video in exchange of roughly 40$, which he gladly took.

The video began in the starting area of the game, with Mario running into the castle. Many recall a part of the video taking place in the level Bob-Omb Battlefield, but after an interview with Lotus, this was not true. The entire video took place inside of the castle, with the majority of it being inside of the courtyard.

Several text-prompts (made with Windows Movie Maker titles) would occasionally show up to provide more steps to "unlock Luigi." Many can recall a step to "kick a Boo." The original uploader (Lotus) recalls a step to run around the fountain a certain amount of times. After a few more minutes worth of steps, a final text-prompt shows up, saying something along the lines of "Press A on this wall," which was then followed up with an abrupt cut to the zombie jumpscare from the end of the infamous K-Fee car commercial.

Availability[edit | edit source]

After contacting Lotus himself, he stated that he might have deleted it accidentally; but after finding an updated description of the video on a Facebook page made late-2011, the video was most likely deleted purposely due to the large volume of hate and death threats he had received because of the video.

The updated description read:

"This video was done out of complete boredom, and yet people still wish to leave hateful comments. Therefore commenting has been disabled."

As of now, no copies of the video are known to exist, with the Internet Archive admins confirming that it had not been archived and put in their database.

The only surviving footage of the video can be seen in a low-quality reaction video titled "Little brother getting scared. Late reaction", which shows roughly 8 seconds of the start, and the last 20 seconds of the video.

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The reaction video containing the video's only surviving footage.
Mahvl's video on the screamer video.
Mahvl's follow up video on the screamer video.

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