Raiden (partially found build of unreleased Amiga port of arcade shooter; 1990s)

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The intro of the demo version.

Status: Partially Found

Raiden on the Amiga is an unreleased port of Seibu Kaihatsu's 1990 Arcade shoot 'em up of the same name. This version was developed by Imagitec and was supposed to be published by U.S Gold. Based on the MS-DOS port, this game was meant to be run on AGA hardware.

Cancellation and Availability

The game was actually finished, even receiving reviews in some magazines at the time. Ultimately, the game was never released. According to a user on the English Amiga Board, who claims to be one of the developers of the game, the game was cancelled due to the release of new systems.

They claim to have possession of the original source code, however, missing the hardware to retrieve the source and assemble it to create a disk image. They have shown interest in releasing the full game, however, they have yet to do so.

A demo version of the unreleased game can be found online, however, it only contains the fourth level of the game. The full game has yet to be found and dumped.