Racumin (lost Filipino commercial for rodent killer; 1990s)

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Status: Lost

Racumin is a line of rodenticides produced by Bayer AG and sold in Asia and Australia. In the Philippines, several commercials were made such as the screaming ballerina version and the most popular, the "Daga.. Daga.. Daga.." (Rat.. Rat.. Rat..) chant version.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The commercial's first sequence is a rat avoiding a mousetrap, then the number of rats increasing was shown. During this sequence, a voiceover saying "Daga, Daga, Daga..." ("Rat, Rat, Rat...") was heard and when the rats were gradually increasing, the voiceover. also says the chant faster. When the rats are fed with Racumin, the rats are slowly diminishing so as the voiceover. There is also said to be a part where a kid was scared then he is just standing on a chair or platform. The words "Sa Racumin, Matalino Man ang Daga, Wala pa Ring Kawala" (eng: In Racumin, Even If the Rat is Smart, There Would Be No Escape) was said to be displayed at the end.[1]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The commercial was aired in the 1990s, in the timeframe of 1996-2000, commonly 1997-1998. It aired on ABS-CBN during TV Patrol, Magandang Gabi Bayan, Sang Linggo Napo Sila, and Hoy Gising!, GMA-7 during primetime programs and Eat Bulaga!, and ABC-5 (now TV5) during Sine Klasiks.[2][3]

It is known Racumin made a lot of commercials in the 90s and a lot of them are lost, including this infamous commercial. It's been talked a lot on the Internet and the Facebook group The Spooky Advertisements Group, however the commercial hasn't yet resurfaced to this day.

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