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Current profile picture of Plainrock124.

Status: Partially Found

Plainrock124 is a YouTube channel created by King Liang. Since he began making videos in 2011, his channel has grown to 1 million subscribers. He is most well known for his series "Bored Smashing," where he destroys various things in different ways. Besides that, he is also known for his vlogs on his other channel "PlainrockVlogs", along with satirical videos.

Despite having a considerably sized channel, some of his videos from 2012 have been deleted and have not resurfaced since.[1]

Names and Presumptions[edit | edit source]

Not much is blatantly known about these videos. Only certain bits of information can be deduced from the thumbnails.

  • His three "Cheats" videos are most likely reviews/cheat reveals for the game Club Penguin, the game being seen in the thumbnails.
  • "Bored Smashing-VHS Tapes!" is another episode in Plainrock124's Bored Smashing series.

Fortunately he mentioned this video in the direct "STAYING IN A HAUNTED HOTEL FOR 12 HOURS - LIVE PART 6" When the YouTube user Ondra Javořík asked him in the chat. He explained that he deleted the video because it had copyrighted music. As the title said in the video he smashes two VHS tapes that he got in a public library sale each one from under 1 dollar, the VHS tapes where Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Charlotte’s Web.

  • "King has stated that his first Bored Smashing video was "Bored Smashing - Water Gun", which was removed due to copyright issues. because of that, this episode would be the second in the Bored Smashing series.
  • "Is "App Trailers" Legit???" is seemingly a review of the app App Trailers.
  • "App Nana Free Friend Code! Get 2000 Nanas!" could be a video in a similar style to the aforementioned "Cheats" videos. Where he shows off something he has found in the subject program. This being a way to get 2000 points in the app called Nana.
  • His Patreon videos are from his vlog channel Plainrockvlogs and uploaded in 2016, there is a little clip in his video "vlog rewind 2016" of him licking a five dollar bill.

Most of these videos are from King's younger years. Some of the thumbnails use screenshots from popular cartoon shows such as Phineas and Ferb and SpongeBob SquarePants. Like most popular YouTubers, he has said that he is ashamed of most of his content from this time. The implied amateurish style given from these videos is most likely what caused him to delete them. But, this cause is not 100% confirmed.

However Something that is actually confirmed by King as said in the video "STAYING IN A HAUNTED HOTEL FOR 12 HOURS - LIVE PART 6" (in his vlog channel) Is that the reason of the elimination of some of his videos (we don't know which ones exactly) was that they used copyrighted music, and king thought that that would affect his status of being accepted as Youtube partner. Curious fact: The copyrighted music King used in those videos where from his iTunes library, one of them was "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter.

Missing Videos[edit | edit source]

Video Title Status
P and F's Rules of the Road Parody! Lost
P and F's Rules of the Road Parody 2! Lost
Bored Smashing - Paper Shredder! Lost
Bored Smashing - Water Gun! Lost
Bored Smashing-VHS Tapes! Lost
I Break the Rulez! Lost
Is "App Trailers" Legit??? Found
Mr. Krabs Watches "Price Tag" Lost
App Nana Free Friend Code! Get 2000 Nanas! Lost
Medieval Party Quest 1 Cheats Lost
CP Medieval Party Review and Cheats Lost
CP Earth Day Party Review and Cheats Lost
Is “App Nana” legit??? Found
SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! please... Partially Found
SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! (Bloopers and extras) Lost
The Great London Smog of 1952 - (UK) Found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Video when he acknowledged he is aware of the deleted videos and gives some information, arround the minute 1:50:27.

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