Monster Bug Wars! (partially found English dub of pilot of nature documentary TV series; 2009)

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Monster bug wars! title.jpeg

The series' title card.

Status: Partially Found

Monster Bug Wars! is a nature documentary show that was created and distributed by an Irish TV company named Beyond International Productions, and aired on the Science Channel in the United States from March 29th, 2011, until its last episode in July 2012. Having two seasons with a total of 13 episodes. (Six episodes each season and a special Top 10 bug battles episode) It's unknown if it got canceled or planned to only have two seasons.

In each episode there were five fights. Each of them having either two insects or two arachnids or both, fighting each other to the death with the winner eating the loser in graphic detail shown close up with High definition cameras, while a narrator named Henry Strozier narrate the action and two scientists who are Dr. Linda Rayor of Cornell University and Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry from the University of Queensland tell the viewer about some facts about the the opponents being used and would sometimes try to predict who would win. Followed by showing CGI models of each opponent in either blue or orange. There's a large variety of bugs they used on the show. Season 1 uses lots of different bugs from Australia and Season 2 uses different bugs from South America. The show is also known to play dramatic music, sound effects and odd animal noises to increase the dramatic effect for each fight.

The Pilot[edit | edit source]

This pilot episode aired on TV on October 7th, 2009. Unlike the episodes in the full series with five fights, the pilot have seven fights.

These fights are the following:

Fights from the Pilot
Giant Centipede VS King Cricket
Saint Andreas Cross Spider VS Portia Spider
Spider Hunting Scorpion VS Wolf Spider
Redback Spider VS Huntsman Spider
Tiger Beetle VS Raspy Cricket
Praying Mantis VS Spinney Katydid
Black Ant colony VS Bull Ant colony

These fights are shorter than the fights in the full series just to have a runtime under an hour long; And also features early battle introduction scenes and the CGI models of opponents clashing into each other to start the fight.

Availability[edit | edit source]

After it aired, it was never shown on TV again. The German dub, Polish dub, and Russian dub of the full pilot can be found online, but the original English dub is still lost. Lots of clips from the pilot can be seen throughout season 1. Even a clip of the Scorpion VS Wolf Spider fight from the pilot can be seen from an episode of the Animal Planet show, Infested! titled "Hostile Takeovers". Only a short version the Tiger Beetle VS Raspy Cricket fight from the pilot can be seen in the special Top 10 bug fights episode in English.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The German dub of the pilot under the title "Monsterduelle XXS"
A regular episode of Monster Bug Wars! (episode 3).
Top ten bug fights video with a shorter version of Tiger Beetle VS Raspy Cricket from the pilot (starts at 4:15).

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