Donna and the Wolfman commercials (partially found Atlanta commercial series; 1980s-1990s)

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A screenshot of one of roughly 500 Wolfman commercials made.

Status: Partially Found

Donna and the Wolfman was a series of commercials that aired in the area of Atlanta, GA between the early 1980s and the late 1990s (though some may have aired in the early 2000s, but without Wolfman). It starred Doyle "Wolfman" Rodgers and his daughter, Donna Anderson. It was made to advertise their family furniture business, Gallery Furniture, which still operates today. Despite the estimation that over 500 commercials were made , very few have been digitized and uploaded.

History[edit | edit source]

Doyle Rodgers (later nicknamed "Wolfman") bought a furniture store, known as Gallery Furniture, most likely sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s [1]. In 1981, he asked his daughter Donna if she would be his co-star in a series of commercials for the business [2]. She agreed, and they instantly got to work. They apparently aired primarily on the TBS, mostly in the Atlanta area. The commercials were an instant success, with the catchphrase "Ask for the Wolfman!" becoming a household saying. The commercials often didn't last longer than thirty seconds. They typically involved a wacky sketch of sorts, followed by their current sales. The commercials ran often, until roughly the late 1990s or very early 2000s. The reason for them stopping is unknown, but it's speculated that it was due to Wolfman's health, which began to decline. He passed away in 2004, after having a heart attack a few weeks prior [3]. Donna said in an article with the AJC that her and her brothers made a few more commercials after his death, but she said it "didn't feel the same." Donna still works at Gallery Furniture, and has an office filled with props from most of their commercials [4].

Availability[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Due to there being no list of every commercial to exist, most of the list is general. A new addition to the list will be made for every individual commercial found or remembered.

Commercial Name Air Date Status
News Anchor Overstock Commercial Unknown Lost
Boxing Glove Commercial Unknown Lost
Commercials from 1981 1981 Lost
Commercials from 1982 1982 Partially Found
1982 Blooper Commercial 1982, exact date unknown Found
Commercials from 1983 1983 Partially Found
1983 "Moving Out Sale" Commercial 1983, exact date unknown Found
1983 Unclaimed Furniture Christmas Commercial December 1983 Found
Commercials from 1984 1984 Lost
Commercials from 1985 1985 Lost
Commercials from 1986 1986 Partially Found
1986 Red Tag Sale Commercial 1986, exact date unknown Found
Commercials from 1987 1987 Lost
Commercials from 1988 1988 Lost
Commercials from 1989 1989 Lost
Commercials from 1990 1990 Lost
Commercials from 1991 1991 Lost
Commercials from 1992 1992 Lost
Commercials from 1993 1993 Lost
Commercials from 1994 1994 Partially Found
1994 Donna Celebration Commercial 1994 Found
Commercials from 1995 1995 Partially Found
1995(?) Donna in New York Commercial 1995 (possibly 1996) Found
Commercials from 1996 1996 Partially Found
1996(?) Wolfman at the Ball Game Commercial 1996 (possibly 1995) Found
Commercials from 1997 1997 Lost
Commercials from 1998 1998 Existence Unconfirmed
Commercials from 1999 1999 Existence Unconfirmed
Commercials from 2000 2000 Existence Unconfirmed
Commercials from 2001 2001 Existence Unconfirmed
Commercials from 2002 2002 Existence Unconfirmed
Commercials from 2003 2003 Existence Unconfirmed
Commercials from 2004 2004 Existence Confirmed, Possibly Unaired
2004 Donna and Brothers Commercials 2004(?) Existence Confirmed, Possibly Unaired

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Photos[edit | edit source]
Videos[edit | edit source]
The "Blooper" Commercial from 1982.
The "Unclaimed Furniture" commercial from December 1983.
The "Red Tag Sale" commercial from 1986.
Two commercials from 1995/1996.

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