Digitiser (partially found British Teletext magazine; 1993-2003)

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Image from an issue of Digitiser.

Status: Partially found

Digitiser was a daily magazine broadcast via Teletext between 1993 and 2003 in the UK [1]. Written by Paul “Mr Biffo” Rose and Tim “Mr Hairs” Moore [2]. Digitiser was an immediate success, “described by the features editor as the 'saviour of Teletext” [3], and has since spawned a website[4], YouTube TV series [5] and a YouTube channel with over 15,000 subscribers [6]. In 2002 a new senior editorial team joined Teletext Ltd who found the comedy style objectionable; by 2003 the magazine was cancelled [7]. In 2012, “only a few snapshots remain[ed] online” [8]. Superpage 58, the “longest-running Digitiser web-gent” [9] hosts an incomplete archive of Digitiser [10], and the Teletext Preservation Project has a further archive of issues from 1995 to 1998 [11]. Superpage58 consider it an “unlikely goal” [12] to archive every edition of Digitiser, but is still actively soliciting screenshots, photographs and other images of Digitiser, as well as VHS tapes from the time. It is unstated how many issues of Digitiser remain missing.