Cry Baby (partially lost unreleased songs from Melanie Martinez album; 2014)

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Album cover for Cry Baby.

Status: Partially Lost

Melanie Martinez is an American alternative pop artist who appeared on The Voice in 2012 and got eliminated in her fifth week. After her elimination, she went on to produce music independently. In 2014, she released her first EP, Dollhouse, and then released the Cry Baby album one year later, six years later she released her second album K-12 and one year later the EP After School. Over 50 songs were recorded for the album, but many of them didn't make the cut for reasons ranging from them not fitting the album's theme to Melanie simply not liking them.

Below are two lists of Melanie's unreleased songs, one for songs that have been found and one for songs that remain lost.

Song List[edit | edit source]

Found/Partially Found Songs[edit | edit source]

# Short Title Status
1 99 Cent Store Found
2 Arts & Crafts Found
3 A Thousand Words Found
4 Band-Aid Found
5 Bittersweet Tragedy Found
6 Bombs on Monday Morning Found
7 Bones Are Blue (Cry Baby Version) Found
8 Coloring Book Found
9 Cooties Found
10 Dead To Me Found
11 Drowning Found
12 Gold Diggin' Love Found
13 Half Hearted (Voice Memo) Found
14 Haunted Found
15 I Scream (Cry Baby Version) Found
16 Jumprope Found
17 Mistakes Found
18 Night Mime (Cry Baby Version) Found
19 Psycho Lovers Found
20 Ring Pop (Demo 1) Found
21 Ring Pop (Final) Found
22 Run Found
23 Rocking Horse (Demo 1) [Found]
24 Rocking Horse (Final) [Found]
25 Rough Love (Cry Baby Version) Found
26 Seesaw Found
27 Schizo Found
28 Strawberry Fields (Forever) Found
29 Trophy Wife Found
30 Twins Found
31 Unhappy Meal Found
32 Where Do Babies Come From? Found
33 You Love I (Demo) Found
34 You Love I (Final) Found
35 Zzzz (Voice Memo) Found
36 Zzzz (Demo 1) Found
37 Zzzz (Demo 2) Found
38 Zzzz (Final) Found

Lost Songs[edit | edit source]

# Short Title Status
1 Animal Crackers Lost
2 Bubble Boy Lost
3 Croquet Lost
4 Gold Diggin' Love Lost
5 Memories Lost
6 Shadow Puppets Lost
7 Toy Chest Lost
8 Valerie Lost