Blood Rush (partially found Commodore 64 homebrew game; 1997)

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The start of the game saying "GET READY".

Status: Partially Found

Blood Rush is a Commodore 64 homebrew game that was in development around 1997, or later. It was advertised on several fanzines including Commodore Scene magazine in the UK as an upcoming game.

It was going to be a shooter that was set as a promising new title for Commodore 64 fans who were dying for more games to come out, but it ended up never surfacing in its complete state. What caused the game to be cancelled is unknown to this day.

Through sheer luck, a ROM of a preview version surfaced on the internet cracked. The preview was virtually unfinished as you couldn't enter the shop, there was no sound, and there weren't any enemies to shoot at.

Nobody knows who was responsible for this game, and it's unknown as to whether, or not a more complete version exists on the internet, or in the wild. It is most likely that it might've became a mail-order title of sorts, or was simply cancelled altogether before it could be finished, though that is only speculation.