Black Bruce Wayne (partially found unreleased Kanye West song; 2010s)

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Kanye West dressed as Batman.

Status: Partially Found

"Black Bruce Wayne" is an unreleased Kanye West song, likely from around the era he had released or was creating the album Yeezus. The song features Kanye rapping (as expected) about his wealth ("Father is the black Bruce Wayne, only shorty (child) in preschool rockin' two chains"), but never received an official release.[1] Several snippets were leaked in 2014, varying in length from 20 seconds to 1 minute; however, they cannot be arranged to form a full song.

These snippets can be found on YouTube along with compilation albums created by fans to bridge the gap between his official albums, such as those on the forum KanyeToThe.[2] The reason this song was scrapped was that its production was "bad," according to Kanye West's producer, Mike Dean, in a post to KanyeToThe. It was later revealed that the beat to the song was fake, while the vocals were real. It is currently unknown what the actual instrumental sounds like.

Lyrics From Snippet[edit | edit source]

[Kanye West]

I hear the girls scream soon as we arrivin'

You can ask Ibn, we be straight mackin'

Y'all work at IBM, hotels they be in

Ooh la la, tres bien magnifique

Any street

Father is the black Bruce Wayne

Only shorty in preschool rockin' two chains

If you talkin' 'bout marriage, you mean multi-million heiress

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