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mai mudder wuz uh cadurrpillar mai fudder wuz eh wurrm butt ai em ohcay wit det nou

Status: Infinite

Hello, my name is Veggiefinder. I find lost VeggieTales media and any other media that interests me. You can also find me on Twitter.

Info about me[edit | edit source]

Favorite movie: The Itchy & Scratchy Movie

Favorite show: Mr. Poe und Yogul

Favorite food: Pencil cases

Favorite drink: Anything that doesn’t have water in it

Real name: Mr. Miss Fudgedipper

Gender: Yes

Age: Over 9,000

Residence: Chick-Fil-A

Articles I’ve written[edit | edit source]

The Bob & Larry Movie (cancelled "VeggieTales" animated film; 2005)

VeggieTales at Dollywood/Silver Dollar City (partially found live shows based on animated series; 2002-2008)

Soccer Mom Detective (lost short film; 2005)

Disney Circle 7 Animation (partially found production material of cancelled direct-to-video sequels; 2005-2006)

Wilkins and Wontkins (partially lost series of commercials; 1957-1969)

Big Bible Town (lost multiplayer online game; 2010)

M3D (partially found direct-to-video series; 1990s)

VeggieTown Values (partially lost series of VBS videos; 1998-2001)

GRAFx Studios (partially found production material; 1989-1993)

Shrek - I Feel Good (lost animation test; 1996)

‎Stories from Birdvillage (partially found direct-to-video animations; 2002)

Wuz Wuz & Bott Bott (partially found Arabic children’s series; 1999-2000s) (partially found series of online games; 2011-2013)

VeggieTales Radio Discs (partially found radio interview discs; late 1990s-2000s)

Mickey's Man Friday (partially found production material of unproduced remake; 1939-1941)

Silly Songs with Larry Musical E-Card (lost animated e-card; 2001)

What’s the BigIdea? (partially found newsletter; 1997-2000)

VeggieTales (lost radio adaptation of CGI animated series; 2006)

Tornado Hunters (partially found Silly Song segment; early 2010s)

Nanalan’ (partially found Canadian children’s TV series; 2004-late 2000s)

Jonah; a VeggieTales Movie (partially found deleted content of animated film; 2002)

The Ballad of Little Joe (partially found original widescreen footage of VeggieTales episode; 2003)

Was He a Boy Like Me? (lost VeggieTales animated music video; 2006)

VeggieTales; Dance Party (lost material of scrapped mobile app; 2014)

Bob & Larry Family Fun (lost content of VeggieTales DVD; 2003)

3-2-1 Penguins! and LarryBoy Stories - Intro (partially found opening sequence to animated series; 2006)

VeggieTales - Joke Death Endings (lost alternate joke endings to episodes of children's series; existence unconfirmed; late 1990s-early 2000s)

The Tale of Charlie Pumpkinhead (partially found unfinished animated short; 2000)

The Muppets' early ads (partially lost series of commercials; 1962-1969)

JellyTelly - Games (partially lost series of online games; 2008)

JellyTelly - Fan Bumpers (partially found fan-made bumpers for Christian website; 2008-2010s)

Herbie the Lovebug (lost animated pilot; late 1990s-2000s)

Duke and the Great Pie War (partially found online VeggieTales game; 2005)

Rick and Morty “The New Jared” Subway Commercials (lost series of cancelled Subway commercials; 2010s)

Family Guy "Pilot Pitch" (partially found unaired pilot of animated series; 1998)

Dragon (partially found Canadian children's series; 2004-2007)

Articles I've helped out on[edit | edit source]

VeggieTales Live! (partially found live shows based on animated series; 2002-2015)

28th Dove Awards: Bob and Larry Segments (partially found footage from award show; 1997)

VeggieTales: Special Edition (partially found magazines based on animated series, 2004-2006)

3-2-1 Penguins Early Animation Test (lost animated screen test; existence unconfirmed; 1999-2000)

Toy Story 2 - Bullseye Dialogue (partially found footage from Pixar animated film; late 1990s)