The Ruff and Reddy Show (found episodes of NBC Hanna-Barbera animated series; 1957-1960)

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Ruff and Ready is the first television production from Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, the creators behind the Tom and Jerry series of theatrical short films [1]. The show features the adventures Ruff the Cat and Reddy the Dog, each episode was part of a longer thirteen episode story arc, with each series having four story arcs in total [2]

It was produced by H-B Enterprises, formed after MGM closed its production studio in 1957 [3] under significantly lower budgetary constraints than the previous MGM productions [4]. It is one of the earliest original animated television programs and pioneered the use of limited animation techniques within television production[5] and although it was only a modest success [6] the show would pave the way for the studios more famous creations, such as the Huckleberry Hound Show which was released a year after Ruff and Reddy's first season [7]

Broadcast History[edit | edit source]

The show debuted on 14th December 1957 on NBC alongside live action puppetry segments hosted by Jimmy Blaine [8]. Afterwards it was re-run on NBS as part of the Captain Bob Cottle Show until 1964 and then syndicated to local children's television shows across the USA[9]. Later, in the 1980s, it was broadcast as part of the USA cable network's Cartoon Express although only briefly due to audiences at the time not embracing the characters[10].

The final two broadcasts were briefly on Cartoon Network in the early 1990s and on Boomerang sometime around 2002. [11]

Home Video[edit | edit source]

A small selection of episodes were released as "Animal Follies" on VHS and Laserdisc as part of the Hanna Barbera Personal Favorites collection [12] [13] and on VHS in the UK as "Ruff and Reddy: Crowds in the Clouds" [14].

The first episode was announced to be part of the Best of Warner Brothers: Hanna Barbera 25 Cartoon Collection [15] but was omitted, along with a number of other cartoons, from the final release [16]. The show has not officially been released on DVD. Unofficial full series collections have been found as listings on Animation collectors websites [17] [18] and on eBay [19] but have not been able to verify any of these releases or sellers due to the prohibitively high cost of acquiring them outside of the US.

Availability & Missing Episodes[edit | edit source]

104 of the 156 episodes created have been found through YouTube, DailyMotion and uploads[20]

Here are the episodes that are currently unavailable to view to the public, as of June 2021.

Season Episode Title Status
Season 2 054 The Dummy Mummy Lost
Season 2 055 The Chickenhearted Chickosaurus Chase Lost
Season 2 058 The Chicken-Hearted Chickasaurus Lost
Season 2 064 A Chick in Need Is a Chick Indeed Lost
Season 2 065 Quick Trick Saves a Slick Chick Lost
Season 2 066 Scary Tale on a Canyon Trail Lost
Season 2 067 Borrowed Burro in a Burrow Lost
Season 2 068 Pint Size Surprise for the Guys Lost
Season 2 069 Reddy and Me and Pee-Wee Makes Three Lost
Season 2 070 Hoss Thief Grief Lost
Season 2 071 Tricked and Trapped by a Tricky Trapper Lost
Season 2 072 Harry Safari and the Phoney Pony Lost
Season 2 092 Missile Fizzle Lost
Season 2 093 Missing Missile Mystery Lost
Season 2 094 Never Land in Never-Neverland Lost
Season 2 095 Polar Bear Scare Lost
Season 2 096 A Liking for a Striking Viking Lost
Season 2 097 Bear Hunting Is for the Birds Lost
Season 2 098 Beep-Beep from the Deep-Deep Lost
Season 2 099 Two Fiends in a Submarine Lost
Season 2 100 Muscle Man Meets Missile Man Lost
Season 2 101 Bull Fight Fright Lost
Season 2 102 Reddy Clobbers Robbers Lost
Season 2 103 Machine Gun Fun Lost
Season 2 104 Bad Guys Meet the Good Guys Lost
Season 3 105 Dizzy Deputies Lost
Season 3 106 Later Later, Alligator Lost
Season 3 107 Gator Caper Lost
Season 3 108 Chip Off the Old Chopper Lost
Season 3 109 La Fitt to Be Tied Lost
Season 3 110 Hide and Go Seek on Okeechonokee Creek Lost
Season 3 111 Boom Boom Doom Lost
Season 3 112 Spellbound Fool in a Round Whirlpool Lost
Season 3 113 Fast Chase Through a Spooky Place Lost
Season 3 114 Looks Like the End for a Cotton Picking Friend Lost
Season 3 115 No Laff on Half of a Raft Lost
Season 3 116 Gator Thrills and Whooshmobiles Lost
Season 3 117 Trapped and Snapped Sap Lost
Season 3 118 Spooky Meeting at Spooky Rock Lost
Season 3 119 Dig the Bigger Digger Lost
Season 3 120 The Secret Bizz of Professor Gizz Lost
Season 3 121 Test Hop Flip Flop Lost
Season 3 122 Sticks and Stones and Aching Bones Lost
Season 3 123 Gun, Gun, Who's Got the Gun? Lost
Season 3 124 Big Papoose on the Loose Lost
Season 3 125 Mine, Mine, All Mine Gold Mine Lost
Season 3 126 Gold Data in the Substrata Lost
Season 3 127 The Ghost with the Most Lost
Season 3 128 In the Soup with a Supernatural Snoop Lost
Season 3 129 Sneaky Knaves in the Caves Lost
Season 3 130 Tailspin Twins Lost

References[edit | edit source]