Street Fighter II V (found ADV Films British dub of anime series; 1997)

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The Street Fighter II V anime has two english dub's in existence. The first dub was made in 1996 by Manga Entertainment and Animaze with the same cast from the Street Fighter II movie. For some reason, the UK branch of ADV films made an alternate english dub recorded in Houston for european english countries.

The Manga dub was release on DVD and it's easy to find online, despite being out-of-print. However, the ADV dub was only release on VHS during the 90s in Europe. Due do this, the ADV it's not available online, and secondhand copies of the VHS release are hard to find.

Some covers of the UK VHS release.[edit | edit source]

Sf2v01.jpg Sf2v02.jpg Sf2v03.jpg