Sex University (lost WWE webshow; 2006)

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Sean Morley, professional wrestler who played Val Venis on WWE TV and in the lost webshow.

Status: Lost

In 2007, wrestling company WWE launched WWE Broadband on their website, a way to stream videos through WWE's website that hosted exclusive content, such as the web series Sex University (also known as Val Venis Sex University or Sex-U). [1]

Due to the name and context, it appears that the show was hosted by professional wrestler Sean Morley (his ring name at that time being Val Venis) but had appearances from other professional wrestlers such as Viscera and Maria giving romantic advice, presumably in a humorous manner. Not much is known about the specific content of the episodes.

Only three episodes are known to exist although it is possible more exist. It is said to have aired weekly from the 1st of February and was likely to have been removed sometime around March 29th, 2008. This is due to the archives from the Wayback Machine which go from the 7th of February, 2007 to the 29th of March 2008. [2] It should be noted that it is listed as being from the 26th of December 2006 which is likely the upload date.

The reason for the removal of the content has not been confirmed although it is likely it was due to the shift in the company's programming towards a PG-orientated product which occurred in 2008 when it was removed.

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