Ricardo Lopez aka "Björk stalker" (found video diary/death footage of pest control officer; 1996)

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File:Ricardo lopez.png
Ricardo Lopez, on day 1 of his recordings.

Ricardo Lopez, known by the media as the "Bjork Stalker", began filming himself on January 14, 1996 (his 21st birthday). From January to September he filmed roughly 18 hours of footage that clearly documented his descent into madness, brought on by an obsession with Icelandic singer Bjork. In the last day of footage recorded (September 12, 1996), Lopez is seen posting a mail-bomb to Bjork (although this was intercepted by authorities before it reached her), shortly before shooting himself in the head while listening to her music.

The 18 hours of footage found by police was condensed into 2 separate documentaries about the incident, each roughly running for 1 and a half hours, and one of which showing the uncensored suicide footage. The complete 18 hours of footage has shown up for sale online in the past, spanning 11 DVDs, although only the first DVD has found its way to the internet, in the form of a torrent which is now dead.

UPDATE 09 Jan '14: Huge thanks to bun39, who has been in contact with someone who owns the full 18 hours, and, of course, to said anonymous source. As they will be uploaded in hourly installments, stay tuned to this announcement for future videos. You can see the YouTube playlist below, (uploads courtesy of glbracer), which will be updated as new footage emerges.

Set One (Hours 1-4)

Set Two (Hours 5-8)

Set Three (Hours 9-12)

Set Four (Hours 13-16)

Set Five (Hours 17 and 18)

Suicide Footage[edit | edit source]