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Status: Lost

In the 2006 episode of Mythbusters Episode 55 "Steam Cannon," one myth that was tested is the saying "there's more nutrition in the cardboard box than the cereal." In a Q&A, host Adam Savage relieved that there was an experiment that never made it to air. According to Adam, they had 3 lab mice in 3 experiment groups; 1 group eating normal mice food (control), 1 group eating the sugary cereal, and 1 group eating cardboard box pellets. Jamie noticed that the cardboard group were acting strangely. When they came in, they found that 1 of the "cardboard mice" ate the other 2 mice, to which Adam made jokes about how the mouse ate the others.

Due to the disturbing material, Discovery refused to let this be part of the episode. In the interview Adam admits to making a rough cut and showing it at "Northern Michigan Tech" (likely referring to either "Northern Michigan University" or "Michigan Tech University"). When Discovery found out, they told Adam never to show it again.

Q&A where Adam describes the experiment