Marvel Comics Young Allies Vol 2 Issue 7 (unreleased comic book; 2010s)

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In 2010 Marvel Comics started a series called Young Allies which was about a team of teenage super heroes. The series went on for 6 issues and was going to have a 7th. The 7th issue never came out probably because Marvel already planed on ending the series. Since comic books these days use a story arc format so they can be easily released into collected editions and the comic was the start of a second arc they had no second trade to fill it in so they just cancelled it. All that survives of the unreleased issue is it's cover and solicitation. Young Allies Vol 2 7 Textless.jpg They were friends. Soldiers. Brothers. Now they're enemies. Toro's past has finally caught up with him in the form of EL DRAGÓN. And nothing--not even the Young Allies--will stand in his way!