Jokebook (partially found Hanna-Barbera animated series; 1982)

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Jokebook 241x208.jpg

Jokebook's Title card.

Status: Lost

Jokebook was an adult-oriented Hanna-Barbera animated series for NBC. It ran from April 23, 1982 to May 7, 1982, only airing 3 out of 7 episodes.

Each episode featured 20-25 individual animated segments. These were selected from foreign films, student films, cartoon shorts, and original concepts. Each short ranged from 20 seconds to 3 minutes.

Some shorts included are Oscar winners "Crunch Bird" and "The Fly".

The show has not been known to re-air after its first showing on TV. eBay listings of stills, storyboards and other pre-production artwork are still being circulated. The only thing around is it's opening scene and first episode.

Intro sequence
Intro sequence

Also, the Paley Center for Media has 2 unnamed episodes in their collection. It is unknown if they will ever publicly show the episodes.

First listing:

Secound listing: