Heroman (lost English dub of anime series; 2012)

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Status: Lost

Heroman is an anime series produced by American comic book legend Stan Lee, Japanese illustrator Tamon Ohta and animation studio Bones. The series is about an American boy named Joey who accidentally becomes Earth's only defense from an alien invasion. The series ran for 26 episodes between April and September 2010 on TV Tokyo.

Sam Pinansky, who officially translated the series for Crunchyroll, claims that prior to Japanese broadcast, animation giant Disney signed on to broadcast the show internationally, but that they pulled out last minute. As Disney invested in the production of the show, it's unlikely any other entity could license it out. Due to Heroman's failure in Japan and the time since its debut, it's also unlikely Disney will ever have a change of heart about its western potential.[1]

However, an English-language version of the show began broadcast on Asian Disney XD channels in 2012.[2] The Malaysian affiliate previously hosted four clips of the dub on their Youtube channel, but made all of their videos private after switching to an all-encompassing Disney XD Asia profile.[3][4][5][6] A local posted on the AnimeIndia forums saying he heard Muriel Hoffman in the dub, indicating it was recorded in Hong Kong, though the Los Angeles-based actor Robbie Daymond has listed the role of Psy on his resume.[7][8] It's currently unknown if the dub was recorded in both Los Angeles and Hong Kong, if Daymond's involvement was solely for a pilot, or if Disney produced two separate dubs of Heroman. To date, there have been no English home video releases and no clips have since surfaced online.

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