Going Wild with Jeff Corwin (partially found Disney Channel documentary series; 1997-1999)

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Going wild with jerf corwin title.jpg

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Going Wild with Jeff Corwin was a nature documentary TV series that lasted for two seasons between 1997 to 1999 on the Disney Channel.

In the series, Jeff Corwin travels to exotic place throughout the world including South Africa, Canada, some U.S. states (like Tennessee and Louisiana), and the Hawaiian Islands. In each episode Jeff searches for the "Feature Creature," while getting up close to other animals in the process. Jeff looks for "Creature Clues" to help him find the featured creature. In some episodes, Jeff Corwin explores ancient ruins.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Going Wild with Jeff Corwin never got a DVD or VHS release. Even so, there is a few episodes (albeit in Latin Spanish) and promos floating around online.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 Belize Lost
2 South Dakota Lost
3 Wyoming Lost
4 Montana Lost
5 Belize I I Lost
6 Florida Lost
7 South Africa Lost
8 Florida I I Lost
9 South Africa I I Lost
10 Idaho Lost
11 Arizona Lost
12 Kenya Partially Lost (Latin Spanish)
13 New York Lost
14 New Mexico Lost
15 Florida I I I Lost
16 Colorado Lost

Season 2[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 Tennessee Lost
2 Borneo Lost
3 Washington Lost
4 Venezuela Lost
5 Thailand Lost
6 Costa Rica Lost
7 Hawaiian Islands Lost
8 Papua New Guinea Lost
9 Australia Lost
10 Kentucky Lost
11 Australia I I Lost
12 California Lost
13 Canada Lost
14 Australia I I I Lost
15 Micronesia Lost
16 Mexico Lost
17 California I I Lost
18 Alaska Lost
19 Washington I I Lost
20 Louisiana Lost
21 Costa Rica I I Lost
22 Thailand I I Lost
23 California I I I Lost

Videos[edit | edit source]

A promo for the show that aired in Disney Channel Middle East.
The opening and ending to the show (Latin Spanish).
Another promo for the show.
A compliation of photos from the show.