Big Al Game (found "Walking With Dinosaurs" web game; 2001)

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Big Al.png

A screenshot from the game.

Status: Lost

To coincide with the release of the program The Ballad of Big Al (a spin-off of the Walking With Dinosaurs series), the BBC released an online role-playing game, called the Big Al Game. The player would guide a growing Allosaurus (presumably the famous Allosaurus Big Al) through the dangers of the Late Jurassic, and learn information about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on the way.

After 2011, the BBC updated their website with the release of the documentary Planet Dinosaur. With this came the removal of the beloved Big Al game, as well as several other less popular games and programs. It has been replaced by an unrelated game based on Planet Dinosaur.

At one point, the BBC hosted a similar game called the Evolution Game, following the evolution of primates. It was removed much earlier.

Recreation[edit | edit source]

In 2018, an online recreation of the original game, created by UK-based programmer Jennifer Edwards, surfaced.[1] The original game, as of November 2018, is still lost.

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