VB Mario Land (lost build of unreleased Virtual Boy game; 1995)

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Screenshot of the tech demo.

Status: Lost

When Nintendo released the Virtual Boy in 1995, they intended to release a full-fledged platformer starring Mario. A tech demo of VB Mario Land (known initially as Mario Adventure) was shown at Winter CES 1995, featuring the first level. It was a 2D platformer like previous Mario games. Still, it also similarly featured top-down view dungeons to The Legend of Zelda.[1] Judging by some in-game artwork, Wario would have been the main antagonist.

The game was canceled, probably due to the Virtual Boy's critical and commercial failure. The game has yet to found, and it is unknown if Nintendo still has a copy.

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Demo filmed on video camera at WCES 1995 in Las Vegas.

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