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Status: Partially Found

T.G.I.S. also known as Thank God It's Sabado is a Filipino drama TV series broadcast by GMA Network. It ran from 1995-1999 and it is aimed towards younger audiences. The series tackles the problems of teenage life like friendship, lovelife, family problems, and typical teenage problems. It is popular among the Filipinos at that time and GMA's rival ABS-CBN made its own show based on this premise, called Gimik.

A new cast was introduced in 1997 (known as Season 2) with the original cast having their own show called Growing Up, both shows ending in 1999.

Info[edit | edit source]

Episodes of T.G.I.S. are believed to be lost, with only scenes or low-quality camera rips uploaded on YouTube, until 2020 when GMA themselves released the episodes via YouTube SuperStream.[1] However, only up to the half of the Season 2's episodes were uploaded while the Season 1's episodes have missing ones.

Original Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

During its original run (1995-1999), the series has different background music on scenes. The original intro's BGM was "Dyslexic Heart" while the later new intro's BGM was "Walking on Sunshine." In 2004, the whole show was remastered and with different music (stock music) to avoid copyright issues. The 2004 remaster was the ones GMA uploaded on YouTube, and this was aired on Fox Filipino on 2013[2] and Heart of Asia on 2020.

Music Videos[edit | edit source]

There is also a music video in some of Season 1's episodes. Snippets of it were included on the Top 10 Music Videos uploaded by TGIS Thank God It's Sabado on YouTube, albeit the video is now striked and pictures only exist.[3][4][5]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The 2004 remaster was first uploaded by teleseryeclassics (channel got terminated in 2020, shortly after GMA's release of the remaster) in 2019, albeit incomplete.[6] It was said to be recorded in 2017 in Canada.[7] Then, in 2020, the full 2004 remaster was uploaded by GMA themselves via Super Stream.

The episodes that have the original soundtrack are believed to be lost. Scenes and low-quality rips exist online, even full episodes but are soon striked by GMA.[8] The 2004 remaster also has some lost episodes, between Episode 7 and 26[9] and Episode 52[10] during which its the birthday of Peachy and her and Wacks (Joaquin, friend of Peachy that has love interest on her) are trapped on a basement and they tried kissing but Wacks' brother interrupted them. It is unknown how many are the missing episodes. On January 13, 2022, Walter J. Brown Media Archives uploaded the Frat episode with the original soundtrack per request by user StupidStickman. As of this day, this is the only full episode with the original soundtrack resurfaced.[11]

The "Isang Linggong Dilim" episode also known as Episode 56, the aftermath of the accident in Episode 55 was believed to be lost but was found by TGIS Thank God It's Sabado User on September 5, 2020, albeit partially found with low quality and some audio are lost.[12] Some users theorized that the tapes are partially or completely destroyed and no bigger effort to remaster the said episodes. It is unknown how many missing episodes the Season 2 episodes' have, but the other 100 episodes are still lost.

No home releases were ever made for the series.

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TGIS Top 10 Episodes. Has snippets of lost episodes and episodes that has original soundtrack. Also has Growing Up episodes which are also lost.
Episode 56 "Isang Linggong Dilim" partially found, with some audio cut and low quality.

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