Space Cats (partially found NBC animated comedy series; 1991-1992)

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Image from an unknown episode.

Status: Partially Found

Space Cats is an animated series created by Paul Fusco and produced by Marvel Animation that aired on NBC in the United States and on Channel 10 in Canada. It aired throughout NBC's Saturday morning block from September 14th, 1991, to July 25th, 1992. According to a now-deleted YouTube comment, the show also aired on Channel 4 in the UK later on, though it might actually be Fantomcat he watched, and just didn't remember the actual name of the show.

The show is about a bunch of alien felines from a planet called Trygliceride-7, who come to a secret location in the Earth's underground lairs to bring out truth, justice, & better quality cat food without the fishy anter taste. Every episode begins with Captain Catgut, the captain of the Space Cats, doing some random thing like playing Solitaire. D.O.R.C. would then show up to inform them of a mission to do. Afterwards, Tom, Scratch, and Sniff are taken to the surface of the Earth to do the mission tasked.

NBC only aired 13 episodes of the series as they discontinued their Saturday morning block in the middle of 1992 to make room for TNBC, the replacement block that aired live-action shows made for teenagers. It has yet to see release on home video, and it's currently not on any digital streaming services. Only one episode was available online in English for quite some time, but there are descriptions of some of the lost episodes on Wikipedia. While almost all websites with info about this show say that 13 episodes were produced, some have different names than others depending on the site, most likely meaning that there might've been more episodes produced that either only aired in foreign countries, didn't air in the USA until reruns in 1994 (at least according to the YouTube video with that one episode, though the exact channel it aired on at that time is currently unknown), or simply never aired at all.

NBC had a comic collection released featuring several of their cartoons into comics, one of which was a Space Cats comic. One of the episodes might've been adapted into the comic or was simply confused with the comic.[1] There's another episode about monuments where they're stolen instead of shrunk. No exact name has been given to this episode as of yet, though. This 2nd monument episode was described on an Angelfire website.[2]

On July 6th, 2020, YouTube user TurdMan McQuack revealed that he had a bootleg DVD of Space Cats he bought from Mexico but didn't know where he left it at. Two and a half months later, it's revealed that it just had the one already found episode as well as other unrelated cartoons.

Toonarific has a few images from currently unidentified episodes, and a few more images from other unidentified episodes have appeared on other websites.[3] There's also an auction on Worthpoint for what claims to be the series bible, intro scripts, and original pilot scripts, with pictures to prove. The description says that it was originally made for Disney in 1984. Whether or not this auction or the pictures are actually real is currently a mystery.[4]

On January 6th, 2021, GrigioGuy uploaded 5 other episodes of Space Cats as MEGA files, as well as the already available episode, despite that one episode uploaded to YouTube still being up. Eventually, those 5 episodes were uploaded to YouTube through GrigioGuy's own channel, though he eventually deleted both the YouTube, & MEGA uploads until deciding to reupload them onto YouTube. Around February of 2021, Kyru Rex uploaded 2 other episodes that were lost for some time, those being "Thank You Masked Man", & "A Recession Is Depression".

There is also a website that claims to have all the episodes to watch, but you have to be logged in to see them. These are most likely fake.

It's also possible that there may also be an unaired pilot episode that exists, though whether or not any information on that ever shows up will be a mystery.

Eventually though, Bkspect found a playlist featuring Arabic dubbed episodes of the show, featuring 2 episodes that have yet to be found in English that were uploaded back in late 2017.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 Send In The Clones Found
2 Stinking Pollution Found
3 Like Cats To Water Existence Unconfirmed
4 Thank You, Masked Man Partially Lost
5 A Recession Is Depression Found
6 Diamonds Are Furrever Existence Unconfirmed
7 Mirror, Mirror On the Wall Existence Unconfirmed
8 The Incredible Shrinking Monuments Found
9 Blintzcapades Partially Found(Arabic dub)
10 A Tale of Two Kitties Existence Unconfirmed
11 Mysterious Missing Guests Partially Found(Arabic dub)
12 Operation Pine Crud Found
13 Y.I. Auto Existence Unconfirmed
?? Big Fish-Little Fish Existence Unconfirmed
?? Cats Hate Water Existence Unconfirmed
?? The Hard Life of Hollywood Existence Unconfirmed
?? Selling California Existence Unconfirmed
?? The Curse of the Mummy Existence Unconfirmed
?? The Biggest Theft of All Times Existence Unconfirmed
?? Full of Bananas! Existence Unconfirmed
?? Dreams On Wheels Existence Unconfirmed
?? Party Crasher Existence Unconfirmed
?? Fast Food Mayhem Existence Unconfirmed
?? The Tuna Doesn't Fall From the Tree Existence Unconfirmed
?? Professor VonSchtooker And the Temple of God Found
?? (no name given) Found
?? (no name given) Found

Videos[edit | edit source]

The show's 1st part of the intro, and credits.
The 2nd part of the intro.
Footage of a few unidentified episodes in German.
A few bumpers for the series, including the ones when it aired on Chip And Pepper's Cartoon Madness.

References[edit | edit source]