Dracula's Death (lost horror film; 1921)

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Film poster.

Status: Lost

Dracula's Death (aka The Death of Drakula, aka Drakula halála) is a 1921 silent Hungarian horror film written and directed by Károly Lajthay and may have been one of the first films to feature the character of Dracula. It stars Lene Myl as Mary Land, the protagonist, and Paul Askonas as Dracula.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The film details the story of a young woman named Mary who begins to have frightening visions after seeing an insane asylum inmate who claims to be Dracula. She has trouble determining whether the visions were real or merely nightmares. However, he later kidnaps Mary and brings her back to his castle for a satanic "wedding".

Availability[edit | edit source]

The film has been lost for many years, and very little aside from the cast and plot is known. However, while only a few photos of the film itself have survived, there was also a novelization of the movie that detailed the film's plot.[1]

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