Beast Saga (partially found English dub of anime series; 2015)

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Beast saga key art.jpg

Key art from the anime series.

Status: Partially Found

Beast Saga is a Japanese media franchise by Takara Tomy and d-rights that was initially introduced in 2012. The story focuses on a planet of three warring tribes of anthropomorphic animals. The property includes an anime series by SynergySP, a manga published in Saikyo Jump, a Nintendo 3DS game by Nippon Columbia, and an extensive toy line from Takara Tomy. The franchise is a re-imaging of the short lived 1980s Transformers spinoff, Battle Beasts known in Japan as BeastFormers.

The Beast Saga anime ran for 38 eleven-minute episodes on TV Tokyo between January 13th, 2013 and September 29th, 2013 as the franchise was cancelled prior to its initial 52 episode run concluding.[1] The unaired episodes were later released exclusively on home video.[2] Internationally and on home video in Japan, the entire anime series is distributed as 26 twenty-two minute episodes.[3][4]

In 2014, Los Angeles-based voice actor Erin Fitzgerald listed the series on her resume.[5] An English dub began airing on the Toonami Asia channel in South East Asia on April 19th, 2015.[6] No full episodes of the English dub have ever surfaced, officially or otherwise, on home video or online. The only footage of the dub comes from promos and clips released by Toonami Asia. Based on the accents, the level of voice acting, and unlocalized names and dialogue featured in the clips, it's likely the Toonami Asia version was produced independently of the one Fitzgerald worked on.

Surfaced Content[edit | edit source]

A Toonami Asia show promo.
"Fist Of Ferocity King Liogre"
"Revival Terror Of Dark God" (clip 1)
"Revival Terror Of Dark God" (clip 2)
"Despair And Courage" (clip 1)
"Despair And Courage" (clip 2)

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