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Bio[edit | edit source]

Hey there! My name's Daniel and I'm a 24 year old Australian who's more commonly known under the moniker dycaite (pronounced dye Kate).

I founded The Lost Media Wiki via Wikia in November of 2012, though after its first two years of life, the choice was made to move the wiki its own independent host (a decision that lead to a slew of disagreements and quarrels between Wikia and myself; but, I digress), the process of which was completed in mid 2015, when it was officially opened for user registration.

My interest in lost media really took off in August of 2011, when a VHS-recorded copy of the semi-mythical Nickelodeon horror Cry Baby Lane was made available online after 11 years of obscurity and mystery. From that point on, I kept a list of any and all pieces of lost media that took my interest and endeavoured to discover more about them. Eventually, I wound up at 4chan's /x/ board, seeking out not only more information on certain wanted pieces of media, but also other like-minded individuals. After several threads, an anonymous poster suggested that a wiki be created on the subject and I jumped at the chance; that night, The Lost Media Wiki was born and I fervently stayed up writing articles for it into the early hours of the morning.

Since then, the site has grown into something much more than I ever could have originally hoped; some of the past successes that we've in had unearthing numerous lost gems have, without a doubt, been absolutely phenomenal and our ever expanding community of enthusiastic, motivated members has been integral in bringing the site as far as it has come in its relatively short lifespan. Even so, I am intent on expanding the site's horizons and am always striving to ensure that The Lost Media Wiki remains one of the top hubs for lost media enthusiasts.

See you 'round!

Articles added by me[edit | edit source]

Youri, the Spaceman (2002 CGI Animated Series) Added 14 Apr '14 ‎Cheez TV (1995-2005 Australian Morning Wrapper Show) Added 26 Mar '14 SimCity (Unreleased 1991 NES Port) Added 22 Feb '14 The Legend of Calamity Jane (1997-1998 Animated Series; Episodes "Protégé" and "Dead, or Alive") Added 20 Feb '14 Garage: Bad Dream Adventure (Limited Release 1999 Japanese Point-and-Click Game) Added 01 Feb '14 [FOUND 18 Mar '14] Firelight (Early Steven Spielberg Film; 1964) Added 27 Jan '14 Pinwheel "Clock Man" Short (1970s/1980s Stop-Motion Animation; Existence Unconfirmed) Added 15 Jan '14 Dragon Ball Z "Movie Overview" and "Looking Back at it All" Specials (Rarely Screened Japan-Exclusive Specials; Early 90s) Added 15 Jan '14 [Movie Overview Special FOUND 10 Jul '14] Weird Al Yankovic's "Couch Potato" (Incomplete 2003 Music Video) Added 12 Jan '14 Rubbish (Early 1980s Marionette Film) Added 09 Jan '14 Rob Harris Death Footage (Recorded in 1995) Added 30 Sep '13 Marvin Heemeyer's Audio Tapes (Recorded in 2004) Added 19 Sep '13 The Farmer (Rarely-Screened 1977 Revenge Movie) Added 05 Sep '13 Gravity Falls Unaired Pitch Pilot (Mid-to-Late 2000s) Added 02 Sep '13 Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game, aka Final Fantasy 64 (Unreleased 1995 Tech Demo) Added 04 Aug '13 The Magic Shoes (1935 Short Film) Added 30 Jul '13 The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald Episode "The Legend of McDonaldland Loch" (Limited Release 2003 VHS) Added 29 Jul '13 The Columbine Killers' 3 Unreleased "Basement Tapes" (Recorded in 1999) Added 24 Jul '13 [FORGET IT 3 Feb '15] Uncle Walt (1964 Unofficial Disney Short) Added 22 Jul '13 Mickey and Minnie Mouse "Sex Tape" (1936 Animated Pornographic Short; Existence Unconfirmed) Added 14 Jul '13 Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher's Breasts Photocopies (1970s) Added 11 Jul '13 The Eric Andre Show "Demo" (Unaired 2009 Pilot Episode) Added 04 Jul '13 HORSE the Band "Vulvagia" (Unreleased 2007 "A Natural Death" B-Side) Added 29 Jun '13 Cards of Death (Rare 1986 Japanese VHS Release) Added 16 Jun '13 Ghost Stories "Kuchisake-onna" Episode (Unaired 2000 Anime Episode) Added 15 Jun '13 Swordquest: Airworld (Unreleased 1980s Atari 2600 Game) Added 11 Jun '13 Amanda Feilding's "Heartbeat in the Brain" (Rarely-Screened 1970 Documentary) Added 11 Jun '13 MediEvil "The Dragon Level" (Unfinished/Cut 1998 Video Game Level) Added 03 Jun '13 "The Swell Season" Onstage Suicide (Recorded in 2010) Added 03 Jun '13 Dog Bites Man Episode 10 (Unaired 2006 Episode) Added 03 Jun '13 Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke (Unreleased 2000s PlayStation 2 Game) Added 29 May '13 The Angry Beavers Pilot "Cuffed Together" (Rarely Aired 1990s Episode) Added 28 May '13 The Wild Thornberrys Pilot Episode (1998) Added 09 May '13 [FOUND 11 May '13] Greed (1924 Silent Film) Full 8 Hour Cut Added 11 Apr '13 Tim Burton's "Conversations With Vincent" (Early 90s Unreleased Documentary) Added 16 Mar '13 Rugrats "Incredible Storyboard Jam" (1998 Banned In-House Comic) Added 11 Mar '13 The Beatles "Carnival of Light" (1967 Unreleased Experimental Track) Added 09 Mar '13 The Dick Cavett Show "Jerome Rodale Death" Episode (1971 Unreleased Talkshow Episode) Added 08 Mar '13 Climax! Premiere Episode "The Long Goodbye" (1950s CBS TV Show) Added 06 Mar '13 Puppet (1999 Artie Lange Film) Added 27 Feb '13 [FOUND 31 Oct '13] U.F.O. ABDUCTION aka The McPherson Tape (1989 Found-Footage Mockumentary) Added 26 Feb '13 [FOUND 01 Jul '13] London After Midnight (1927 Lost Silent Film) Added 26 Feb '13 Him (1974 Gay Pornographic Jesus Film) Added 26 Feb '13 My Best Friend's Birthday (1987 Partially-Lost Quentin Tarantino Film) Added 26 Feb '13 Nas featuring Puff Daddy "Hate Me Now" Uncut Music Video Added 26 Feb '13 The Angry Beavers Finale "A Tail of Two Rangers/Bye Bye Beavers" (2001 Unaired Episode) Added 14 Feb '13 HORSE the Band "Ghost EP" (Limited Release 2008 EP) Added 10 Feb '13 Russell Brand "Graham Norton Show" Spat (Recorded in 2012) Added 10 Feb '13 Aron Ralston "Blue John Canyon Incident" Video Diary (Recorded in 2003) Added 10 Feb '13 Pokémon "It's New Year's Eve! Pocket Monsters Encore" (1997 Unaired Episode) Added 22 Jan '13 Santo Gold's "Blood Circus" (1985 Rarely-Screened Sci-Fi Movie) Added 22 Jan '13 Pokémon "Battle of the Quaking Island! Barboach VS Whiscash!!" (2004 Unaired Episode) Added 21 Jan '13 Game in the Sand (Unreleased 1964 Short Film by Werner Herzog) Added 17 Jan '13 Deftones Album "Eros" (Unfinished 2008 Album) Added 17 Jan '13 Nickelodeon Studios Opening Day Celebration (Full 3 Hour 1990 Live Broadcast) Added 16 Jan '13 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (2007 Anime Movie) Added 16 Jan '13 Unaired Monsignor Martinez Pilot (2000 Live-Action "King of the Hill" Spinoff) Added 14 Jan '13 Sesame Street "Crack Master" Short from Episode 818 (1975) Added 13 Jan '13 [FOUND 24 Dec '13] The Day the Clown Cried (Unreleased 1972 Jerry Lewis Film) Added 11 Jan '13 Black Angel (1979 Short Film by Roger Christian) Added 06 Jan '13 [FOUND 19 May '14] Canzo Empyrean (2008 Underground G.I. Joe Film) Added 08 Dec '12 Ricardo "Bjork Stalker" Lopez Tapes (Full 18 Hours Recorded in 1996) Added 06 Dec '12 [FOUND 09 Jan-06 Feb '14] Thomas the Tank Engine Episode "The Missing Coach" (Unfinished 1986 Episode) Added 06 Dec '12 Tim Burton's Hansel and Gretel (1982 Short Film) Added 03 Dec '12 [FOUND 13 Jun '14] Steve Irwin Death Video (Recorded in 2006) Added 01 Dec '12 Mickey Mouse Works Episode "Minnie Takes Care of Pluto" (2000 English Dub) Added 01 Dec '12 [FOUND 09 Oct '13] Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Boston" (2008 Unaired Episode) Added 01 Dec '12 [FOUND 8 Apr '15] Christine Chubbuck Suicide Video (Recorded in 1974) Added 01 Dec '12 Dexter's Lab Episode "Rude Removal" (Unaired 1997 Episode) Added 01 Dec '12 [FOUND 22 Jan '13] Ringu, "The Brussels Cut" (Existence Unconfirmed) Added 01 Dec '12 Timothy Treadwell "Grizzly Man" Death Audio (Recorded in 2003) Added 30 Nov '12 [UPDATED 10 Jan '13] Attack of the Giant Vulture (Late 90s Nickelodeon Short) Added 30 Nov '12 [FOUND 23 Feb '13] Groupie (Late 90s Short Film by Marilyn Manson) Added 30 Nov '12 Sesame Street Episode "Snuffy's Parents get a Divorce" (Unaired 1992 Episode) Added 30 Nov '12 The Armin Meiwes Tape (Recorded in 2001) Added 30 Nov '12 Sesame Street Episode 847 aka The Wicked Witch of the West Episode (1976) Added 30 Nov '12 Mickey Mouse in Vietnam (1968 Underground Anti-War Short) Added 30 Nov '12 [FOUND 22 Apr '13]