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Hey there! My name's Daniel and I'm a 24 year old Australian who's more commonly known under the moniker dycaite; I founded The Lost Media Wiki via Wikia in November of 2012, though after its first two years of life, the choice was made to move the wiki its own independent host (a decision that lead to a slew of disagreements and quarrels between Wikia and myself; but, I digress), the process of which was completed in mid 2015, when it was officially opened for user registration.

My interest in lost media really took off in August of 2011, when a VHS-recorded copy of the semi-mythical Nickelodeon horror Cry Baby Lane was made available online after 11 years of obscurity and mystery. From that point on, I kept a list of any and all pieces of lost media that took my interest and endeavoured to discover more about them.