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Status: Partially Found

The Ruff and Ready Show (also title as Ruff and Ready) is the first television production from William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the creators behind the Tom and Jerry series of theatrical short films.[1] The show features the adventures Ruff the Cat and Reddy the Dog, each episode was part of a longer thirteen episode story arc, with each series having four story arcs in total.[2]

It was produced by H-B Enterprises, formed after MGM closed its production studio in 1957.[3] under significantly lower budgetary constraints than the previous MGM productions.[4] It is one of the earliest original animated television programs and pioneered the use of limited animation techniques within television production[5] and although it was only a modest success [6] the show would pave the way for the studios more famous creations, such as The Huckleberry Hound Show which was released a year after Ruff and Reddy's first season.[7]

Broadcast History[edit | edit source]

The show debuted on December 14th, 1957 on NBC alongside live action puppetry segments hosted by Jimmy Blaine.[8] Afterwards it was re-run on NBS as part of the Captain Bob Cottle Show until 1964 and then syndicated to local children's television shows across the USA.[9] Later, in the 1980s, it was broadcast as part of the USA cable network's Cartoon Express although only briefly due to audiences at the time not embracing the characters.[10]

The final two broadcasts were briefly on Cartoon Network in the early 1990s and on Boomerang sometime around 2002.

Home Video[edit | edit source]

A small selection of episodes were released as Animal Follies on VHS and Laserdisc as part of the Hanna Barbera Personal Favorites Collection,[11][12] and on VHS in the UK as Ruff and Reddy: Crowds in the Clouds.

The first episode was announced to be part of the Best of Warner Brothers: Hanna Barbera 25 Cartoon Collection,[13] but was omitted, along with a number of other cartoons, from the final release.[14] The show has not officially been released on DVD. Unofficial full series collections have been found as listings on Animation collectors websites.[15][16] and on eBay, but have not been able to verify any of these releases or sellers due to the prohibitively high cost of acquiring them outside of the US.

Availability and Missing Episodes[edit | edit source]

104 of the 156 episodes created have been found through YouTube, DailyMotion and Archive.org uploads.

Here are the episodes that are currently unavailable to view to the public, as of June 2021.

Season Episode Title Status
Season 2 054 The Dummy Mummy Lost
Season 2 055 The Chickenhearted Chickosaurus Chase Lost
Season 2 058 The Chicken-Hearted Chickasaurus Lost
Season 2 064 A Chick in Need Is a Chick Indeed Lost
Season 2 065 Quick Trick Saves a Slick Chick Lost
Season 2 066 Scary Tale on a Canyon Trail Lost
Season 2 067 Borrowed Burro in a Burrow Lost
Season 2 068 Pint Size Surprise for the Guys Lost
Season 2 069 Reddy and Me and Pee-Wee Makes Three Lost
Season 2 070 Hoss Thief Grief Lost
Season 2 071 Tricked and Trapped by a Tricky Trapper Lost
Season 2 072 Harry Safari and the Phoney Pony Lost
Season 2 092 Missile Fizzle Lost
Season 2 093 Missing Missile Mystery Lost
Season 2 094 Never Land in Never-Neverland Lost
Season 2 095 Polar Bear Scare Lost
Season 2 096 A Liking for a Striking Viking Lost
Season 2 097 Bear Hunting Is for the Birds Lost
Season 2 098 Beep-Beep from the Deep-Deep Lost
Season 2 099 Two Fiends in a Submarine Lost
Season 2 100 Muscle Man Meets Missile Man Lost
Season 2 101 Bull Fight Fright Lost
Season 2 102 Reddy Clobbers Robbers Lost
Season 2 103 Machine Gun Fun Lost
Season 2 104 Bad Guys Meet the Good Guys Lost
Season 3 105 Dizzy Deputies Lost
Season 3 106 Later Later, Alligator Lost
Season 3 107 Gator Caper Lost
Season 3 108 Chip Off the Old Chopper Lost
Season 3 109 La Fitt to Be Tied Lost
Season 3 110 Hide and Go Seek on Okeechonokee Creek Lost
Season 3 111 Boom Boom Doom Lost
Season 3 112 Spellbound Fool in a Round Whirlpool Lost
Season 3 113 Fast Chase Through a Spooky Place Lost
Season 3 114 Looks Like the End for a Cotton Picking Friend Lost
Season 3 115 No Laff on Half of a Raft Lost
Season 3 116 Gator Thrills and Whooshmobiles Lost
Season 3 117 Trapped and Snapped Sap Lost
Season 3 118 Spooky Meeting at Spooky Rock Lost
Season 3 119 Dig the Bigger Digger Lost
Season 3 120 The Secret Bizz of Professor Gizz Lost
Season 3 121 Test Hop Flip Flop Lost
Season 3 122 Sticks and Stones and Aching Bones Lost
Season 3 123 Gun, Gun, Who's Got the Gun? Lost
Season 3 124 Big Papoose on the Loose Lost
Season 3 125 Mine, Mine, All Mine Gold Mine Lost
Season 3 126 Gold Data in the Substrata Lost
Season 3 127 The Ghost with the Most Lost
Season 3 128 In the Soup with a Supernatural Snoop Lost
Season 3 129 Sneaky Knaves in the Caves Lost
Season 3 130 Tailspin Twins Lost

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