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{{#ev:youtube|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN48BINgdjk|640x480|center|Footage of the film from earlier in the production.|frame}}
{{#ev:youtube|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN48BINgdjk|640x480|center|Footage of the film from earlier in the production.|frame}}
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[[Category:Lost films|Primevals (Lost Sci-fi Film; 1978-1999)]]

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A film still.

Status: Incomplete

The Primevals is an incomplete sci-fi/fantasy film directed by David Allen. The film's plot is vague, but it's known to involve time travel, Eskimos, yetis, robots, and giant lizards, and combined live action with stop-motion animation.

Allen first began pitching the project to the British Hammer Films studio in the late 60's. In 1978, Allen, along with producer Charles Band, began production on the film. However, the finances for the movie fell through, and the project started and stopped several times before an indefinite halt. In 1994, new funding was gained and production restarted. Principal filming of the live action scenes were completed in Romania with a new cast, and Allen continued to work on the post-production and stop-motion effects until his untimely death in 1999, which has ended all production of the film since.

Although colleagues of Allen's have vowed to complete the film based on his storyboards, financial difficulties have stalled the production again. A workprint exists, but only a few early scenes have surfaced.

Surviving Footage[edit | edit source]

Footage of the film from earlier in the production.