The New Adventures of Zorro (partially found English dub of animated series; 1997-1998)

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The show's opening logo.

Status: Partially Found

The New Adventures of Zorro (not to be confused with the 1980s Filmation TV show of the same name) was an animated TV series that aired for two seasons on Kids' WB from 1997-1998 (with reruns later showing on Cartoon Network) before being cancelled. A multinational production, the show was produced by Warner Brothers Television Productions in America, Fred Wolf Films in Ireland, and Harvest Entertainment in England.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The show followed the adventures of masked vigilante Don Diego de la Vega, A.K.A. Zorro (voiced by Michael J. Gough), on his adventures through the countryside of Spain. The show's plots would usually climax with Zorro battling a villain with supernatural powers or steampunk-style contraptions. The supporting cast consisted of Isabella (Jeannie Elias), Zorro's love interest; Don Alejandro de le Vega (Patrick Fraley), Zorro's father; Captain Montecero (Earl Boen), the show's primary antagonist who sought to bring the vigilante to justice; and Sergeant Garcia (Tony Pope), a hapless Spanish soldier. Many episodes involved one or more characters trying to discover Zorro's secret identity.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Currently, while the entirety of the show has been found dubbed into languages other than the original English (uploaded to YouTube in Spanish by channels Juan Ortiz and batfran95 and in Arabic by channel Arabic-Cartoon-HD), very little English material for the show can be found online today. The English intro can be found here, and a small snippet of the episode "The Enforcer," uploaded to YouTube by Zorro's voice actor Michael J. Gough, can be found here. No full episode in English has been found online at present. However, a DVD listing has surfaced on Amazon for a compilation of six episodes, seemingly in English and released in 2004. This is believed to be the only English DVD release the show ever received. Also, a Spanish dub of the season 2 episode "The Ice Monster Cometh" still has an audible English vocal track underneath the Spanish dialogue.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

1 To Catch a Fox Found Dubbed (Part 2)/on DVD
2 Sting of the Serpent-God Found Dubbed(Part 2) /on DVD
3 Night of the Tolchen Found Dubbed (Part 2)
4 The Beast Within Found Dubbed/on DVD
5 The Enforcer Partially Found English/Found Dubbed/on DVD
6 Two Zorros are Better Than one Found Dubbed
7 Tar Pit Terror Found Dubbed
8 A King's Ransom Found Dubbed/on DVD
9 The Pirates of San Pedro Found Dubbed/on DVD
10 The Anti Zorro Found Dubbed
11 Valley of the Manbeast Found Dubbed
12 The Revenge of the Panther Found Dubbed
13 The Iron Man Found Dubbed
14 The Samurai and the Sorcerer Found Dubbed
15 The Poison Pen Found Dubbed
16 Vision of Darkness Found Dubbed
17 The Case of the Masked Marauder Found Dubbed
18 Return of the Conquistadors Found Dubbed
19 The Hunter Found Dubbed
20 Raiding Party Found Dubbed
21 The Four Horsemen Found Dubbed
22 The Nightmare Express Found Dubbed
23 The Ice Monster Cometh Found Dubbed
24 The Secret of El Zorro Found Dubbed
25 The Nordic Quest Found Dubbed
26 Adios, Mi Capitán Found Dubbed