The Little Twins (partially found English dub of Japanese animated series; 1992)

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Little twins.jpg

A VHS copy of the English dub.

Status: Partially Found

The Little Twins (リトルツインズ) is a Japanese animated series produced by Toei Animation in the early 1990's[1][2], having receiving an English Dub that aired on the Nickelodeon kids' block, Nick Jr. from June 3rd, 1998 up until July 3, 1998, [3] with a total of 13 episodes.[4]


The show centers around two Lilliputian twins, tiny dwarf-like creatures, named Petal and Piper living on an island, named with their family and going on various adventures, and their enjoying their everyday lives. The twins frequently meet various other normal-sized creatures and learn more about them.[5]

Nick Jr.'s English Dub

Having initially released as an OVA under the same name, released on July 23, 1992[2], the series aired on the Nickelodeon's kids' block, Nick Jr., 6 years after it was initially released, receiving an English Dub and had only aired for a month, starting from June 3rd, 1998 up until July 3, 1998.[3].

The series was executively produced by David Linde, and features Jack Maeby having an original soundtrack made for this dub.[6]


The show fell quickly into obscurity, having limited information resurfaced on the internet about this dub. Nonetheless, a DVD release of the Nick Jr. Dub was released in 2004, but with little to no traction about its release.[7]

With the DVD release, however, and Twitter user Ouren, had ripped and uploaded the first four episodes of the series in the Wayback Machine. back in October 2016.

Ouren had later stated in the following years in the 1st of January, 2021, that he had obtained a VHS copy of the 5th episode of the series, and also showed a snippet for the 5th episode[8]. He had stated that he has been planning to dump the entire 5th episode. But as of 2022, the entire 5th episode hasn't been ripped, resurfaced, and uploaded online.[9]

Episodes List

There are no current episode listing found online, although the official titles for the series can be found on the ones which are found and resurfaced.

# Episode Title Status
1 A Time Of Giving Found
2 Flying Found
3 The Best Gift Of All Found
4 The Magic Flute Found
5 n/a Partially Found
6 n/a Lost
7 n/a Lost
8 n/a Lost
9 n/a Lost
10 n/a Lost
11 n/a Lost
12 n/a Lost
13 n/a Lost



Nick Jr. Promo for the series.
Credits from the series.

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