The Good Night Show with Nina & Star (partially found PBS Kids Sprout series; 2006-2017)

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3rd host Nina and Star.

Status: Partially Found

The Goodnight Show is a TV Show that aired in a Blockisode format between other shows on Sprout (now known as Universal Kids) between 2005-2017, with seven seasons produced & varing number of episodes per season with the first episode airing September 26th, 2005 and gradually being cancelled throughout 2017 when Sprout switched to Universal Kids, the final hosts were Nina & Star from 2006-2017

History[edit | edit source]

In September 2005, in a joint venture between Comcast, NBCUniversal, PBS, and HIT Entertainment/Sesame Workshop, PBS Kids Sprout was launched on Comcast and later other cable/satellite providers. The 3rd and the final host was Nina, aka Michele Lepe and stayed host until 2017.

Season 3 Premiered on December 18th, 2006, Season 4 Premiered on September 26th 2007, Season 5 Premiered on Sept 21st, 2009, Season 6 started airing on November 7th, 2011, when it changed to the You & Me Tree theme, and then the slightly tweaked Version of Season 6 Premiered on August 27th, 2012; And the 7th & Final season of the show premiered on July 27th, 2015

Some of the Differences between the eariler seasons & later seasons include the following:

  • In Season 3 Nina would do the Yoga Segments by herself, while in Seasons 4 & Onward She would do them along with some kids
  • Also In Season 3 there was a Story Time Segment, one for each episode, this was Previously Goodnight Tales with Melanie in Seasons 1 & 2, and later came back as Sandy Stories in Seasons 6 & 7
  • The Moonbeam Wheel Game also saw some changes throughout the series run, starting out as a wheel with colors & flashcards with the games on them in Seasons 1-5, to having the games right on the wheel in Season 6, before being competely removed in Season 7 for unknown reasons.
  • Lucy The Firefly was originally used to introduce Episodes starting with Noel "Leo", later with Nina in Season 3, and Expanded her use for Segments such as "Lucy Light the Way" & "Sprout-o-Scope" in Seasons 4 & Onward in a hybrid Animated & Puppet type of setup, and later on only seen in her Animated form in Seasons 6 & 7
  • Star has been changed several times throughout the show's run, and there may have been multiple star plushes created to be used interchangeably as the night progressed within the show itself.
  • Starting in Season 4 the show added a segment where Nina would ask a question related to the episode's topic and we, the audience would hear the kids responses, starting in Season 6 this was revamped where Nina would introduce Star in the Goodnight Garden, and Star would have a conversation about the topic of the episode with several kids.
  • The pajanimals lullaby song would play before the hush poem/goodnight song; this was later changed to playing after some time during the 6th season but may have been completely removed when the 7th season started airing.

Periodicity, they would do live episodes like The 2011 Halloween episode “A Sweet Goodnight Treat”, The 2009 Mothers Day episode or the 2014 Space Episode when Astroblast first premiered.

During the 7th & final season of The Good Night Show, Award-winning actor, activist and artist Esai Morales who is best known for being in the biopic La Bamba, Lt. Tony Rodriguez on NYPD Blue, Camino del Rio in the Netflix original series Ozark, and in the HBO series The Brink, joined the cast and played the role of Nina's Uncle known as Tio Javier in several episodes, but since Season 7 nearly completely lost it is currently unknown which episodes he appeared in.[1][2]

Premise[edit | edit source]

The Good Night Show features a variety of segments. Some of the segments were removed or modified in the later seasons for various reasons.

Seasons 4-5:

  • Nina & Star introduce themselves to the audience, sing a short song, start talking about the topic and learn a word in Spanish
  • Nina & Star discuss more about the topic, sing twinkle twinkle & do the Sprout-O-Scope segment
  • Nightly “Leftover” Birthdays from Sunny Side Up (Original TV Airings Only)
  • Sprout Stretch “Yoga” with Nina
  • Craft Segment, Usually revolving around the topic of the episode
  • Goodnight Gallery “Showcasing art sent in by kids” (Original TV Airings Only)
  • Nina asking a question, and hearing the kid’s responses
  • Playing a Goodnight Game by spinning the moonbeam wheel
  • Sign Language segment with Nina
  • Repeat Airing of Nightly “Leftover” Birthdays from Sunny Side Up (Original TV Airings Only)
  • Second Round of Goodnight Gallery (Original TV Airings Only)
  • Lucy Light The Way
  • Repeat of “Nina asking a question, and hearing the kid’s responses.”
  • Star & The Sproutlets getting ready for bed with a song "Brusha Brusha/Rub Scrub."
  • Hush Poem/Goodnight Song

Season 6:

  • Nina & Star introduce themselves to the audience, sing a short song, read a short poem & learn a word in Spanish
  • Nina & Star discuss more about the topic, sing twinkle twinkle & do the Sprout-O-Scope segment
  • Nightly “Leftover” Birthdays from Sunny Side Up (Original TV Airings Only)
  • Sprout Stretch “Yoga” with Nina
  • Lucy Light The Way
  • Goodnight Garden, Star having conversations with kids
  • Reading another poem, Learning more Spanish words & a word in Sign Language
  • Repeat Airing of Nightly “Leftover” Birthdays from Sunny Side Up (Original TV Airings Only)
  • Sandy Stories Segment
  • Playing a Goodnight Game by spinning the moonbeam wheel (Removed in season 7)
  • Cleaning up the treehouse while singing the Cleanup Song
  • Nina & Star having one more conversation together before getting Star ready for bed with the "Brusha Brusha/Rub Scrub" Song
  • Hush Poem/Goodnight Song

Hosts/Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Nina, played by Michele Lepe, debuted as the permanent host on December 18th, 2006. and was the most popular host with audiences; she did crafts, translated words into Spanish, did ASL sign language, narrated and drew pictures in the sandy story segments, etc. and guest-hosted The Sunny Side Up Show several times.
  • Star, a star-shaped puppet, Voiced & Played by Stacia Newcomb, was the show's co-host. Star served as the child character of the show, asking questions about the evening's theme, commenting to Nina about the segment (such as the Goodnight Game), & encouraging viewers to follow him as he performed nighttime routines such as brushing his teeth or reading a bedtime story. Star debuted shortly before the departure of the program's original host, "Melanie." His puppet was changed several times & appears as a character in the prequel animated series Nina's World, living with Nina, even though Star began with the two former hosts before her.
  • Lucy The Firefly, who was originally a firefly puppet in seasons 2-5, updated once in Mid-2009, then completely animated in Seasons 6 and 7, used to introduce show segments, featured in such as "Lucy Light the Way"; in this game, viewers were shown parts of a picture (as though they were illuminated by a firefly's light) and then guessed what the picture represented, In Seasons 6/7 She was also used in the "Sprout-o-Scope" segments to help Nina & Star find constellations in the night time sky, She also appears as a character in the prequel Nina's World, living with Nina, even though she was introduced alongside Leo before Nina arrived.
  • Hush was a real-life goldfish who was originally used to introduce shows with the original host, but quickly went from a main character to a minor character who would mainly appear at the ending segments of every episode just before & after star goes to sleep with Nina closing the show by saying goodnight and reciting a poem in which viewers were encouraged to "make a wish." He also appeared in the prequel animated series Nina's World living with Nina as a child even though Hush also began with the two former hosts.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Despite having a 10 Year run and being pretty popular while airing on the Sprout Channel, Most episodes of the show are currently incomplete or lost, with only one DVD release with 3 Episodes Titled "Good Night Stories" [3], 3 Episodes on the Sprout Cubby Tablet, 2 Complete Episodes from Original TV Airings, and incomplete clips from Various Episodes, and although there currently isn't any Official Digital Release, there may have been one for a short period of time on Google Play near the end of the show's run,[4], and while the show was originally airing there were clips available on SproutOnline & Apps like iTunes & Sprout Player, although no longer available since the switch to Universal Kids,[5] also once available on sites such as DigitalPodcasts but the files have since been revoked & no longer accessable,[6] and once available on YouTube as well but the original channel PBSKIDSSprout had all videos privated, [7] and the current channel Peacock jr only has a few clips left.[8]

List of Known Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Episode Status
Sharing Lost
Growing Lost
Moon Lost
Pets Lost
Opposites Lost
Weather Lost
Jobs Lost
Reading & Storytelling Lost
Exercise Lost
Animals Lost
Feelings Lost
Art Partially Found
Holidays Lost
Nature Lost
Homes Partially Found
Sports & Games Partially Found
Letters Partially Found
Colors Lost
Friendship Lost
Babies Lost
Music Lost
Family Lost
Around the World Lost
Travel Lost
Food Lost
Imagination & Make Believe Lost
Safety Partially Found
Hats Lost
Numbers Partially Found
Shapes Lost


Season 4[edit | edit source]

Episode Status
Babysitters Lost
Grandparents Partially Found
Farms Lost
Bodies Partially Found
Riddles & Rhymes Partially Found
Mother's Day 2009 Live Episode Partially Found
Where We Live Lost
Penguins Partially Found
Construction Lost
Dance Partially Found
Dinosaurs Lost
Seasons Lost
Bedtime Routines Partially Found
Lullabies Lost
Bugs & Insects Lost
Where We Sleep Lost
Dress Up Lost
Trains Lost
Cats & Dogs Lost
Dreams Partially Found
Life Underwater Lost
Time & Clocks Partially Found
School Partially Found
Nocturnal Animals Partially Found
Snuggley Favorites Partially Found
People Who Work At Night Lost
Rainy Days Lost

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Episode Status
Spring Lost
Helping Out Lost
Creativity Lost
Healthy Sproutlets Lost
A Sweet Goodnight Treat "Live" 2011 Partially Found
Our Earth Lost
Parents Found
First Steps Partially Found
Spanish Lost
Fall Lost
Neighborhood Lost
Wonder Lost
Siblings Partially Found
Birthdays Partially Found
Love Partially Found
Summer Lost
Lets Get Silly Partially Found
Gardens Lost
Red, While & Blue Lost
Thankfulness Lost


Seasons 6 & 7[edit | edit source]

Episode Status
Space "2014 Live Episode" Partially Found
Dress Up Found
Five Senses Partially Lost
When I Grow Up Partially Lost
Safety First Partially Lost
Shadows Partially Lost
Gift Giving Partially Lost
Rain & Rainbows Partially Found
Circus Partially Found
Dinosaurs Partially Found
Tools Partially Found
Reptiles Partially Found
Birds Partially Found
Parks Partially Found
Magic Partially Found
Camping Partially Found
Heroes Partially Found
Sports Partially Found
Babies Partially Found
Grandparents Partially Found
Differences Partially Found
Musical Partially Found
Bears Partially Found
Food Partially Found
Beach Lost
Helping Out Partially Found
Emotion Lost
Theatre Lost
Putting on a show Lost
Pirates Lost
Safari Lost
Gardens Partially Found
Pets Partially Found
Holidays Partially Found
Healthy Sproutlets Partially Found
Poems Lost
Trees Lost
Transportation Lost
Fish Lost
  • A few segments that would have aired in the TV version like birthday reminders and the goodnight gallery were intentionally removed for various reasons, and if any episodes were officially digitally released in the future, they would not include those segments. Still, the Goodnight Game segment that is part of every episode is missing from DVD & Digital re-releases for unknown reasons.

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Clips[edit | edit source]

GNS Clip Bat Craft (Mostly Lost Audio).
Spanish & Sign Language Segments from various episodes.
La-La-Lullaby by Pajanimals.
Sprout-o-Scope clip from an unidentified episode.
Clip from December 2011, from the season 6 episode "Holidays."
Season 6 Sandy Story Segment "Unidentified Episode."

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