The Battlefields of Napoleon (lost build of cancelled English localization of "Napoleon Senki" Famicom real-time strategy game; 1988)

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The Battlefields of Napoleon English version cover.jpg

Cover art of the localization of the game.

Status: Lost

The Battlefields of Napoleon is a cancelled English localization of Napoleon Senki, a strategy game released for the Famicom in 1988. It is based on the famous French military and political leader Napoléon Bonaparte.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player controls Napoléon and his French army as they invade Europe. They can use their own strategy (or follow historic battles) to find out if they can succeed where Napoleon failed.

Status[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about this game, except that it was going to be released in August 1988 by Broderbund, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.[1] No prototypes of the official English translation are known to exist.

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