The All New Captain Kangaroo (partially found Fox Kids reboot of CBS children's series; 1997-1998)

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Status: Partially Found

The All New Captain Kangaroo was a rebooted series of Captain Kangaroo made by Saban and TLC Entertainment for Fox Kids and Fox Family Channel made in 1997.

Availability[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 40 episodes made but only 10 have been found so far 6 of them being released on 3 individual Home Videos under the short lived "Treasure House Series" line there was also a Birthday special that took place in Sea World called Captain Kangaroo's Birthday Party at Sea World, which was lost until March 7, 2021 when it was uploaded to YouTube by user skullzproductions[1].

On April 14th, 2021 a Discord user under the name ChristopherT2004 found two screener tapes from Saban at a swap meet including both episodes 17 and 22 of the show and both would be uploaded to YouTube 10 months later on February 21st and 22nd of 2022 by skullzproductions.

Paul Pistore who played Mister Moose confirmed that all the episodes along with it's spinoff Mister Moose's Fun Time were vaulted by Disney after they bought Fox Family and made it ABC Family later known as FreeForm mostly due to the fact this show advertised rival Florida based theme parks Sea World and Busch Gardens so it is unknown if the show will ever return.

On March 2nd, 2020 a pilot from 1996 was unearthed featuring Dave Rudolf as the titular captain looking quite similar to Bob Keeshan, Paul Pistore confirmed Dave was dropped because test audiences thought he was a bit creepy and was later recasted by the late John McDonough for the show.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

# Episode Status
1 Happy Birthday Bunny Lost
2 Following Directions is a Piece of Cake Found
3 Turn About is Fair Play Found
4 The No-Share Hare Found
5 Safety Rules! Found
6 It's How You Play the Game Lost
7 Not a Creature was Stirring Lost
8 Clean Sweep Lost
9 Show Me Lost
10 Watch the Birdie Found
11 The Three Moose-Keteers Lost
12 A Funny Thing Happened On the way to The Beach Lost
13 Bunny in Mannersland Lost
14 Happy Kanga-Day Lost
15 Green Power Lost
16 If at Fur-st You Don't Succeed--Try, Try, Again Lost
17 When it Rains it Bores Found
18 Moose-ton, We Have a Problem Lost
19 Say Uncle Lost
20 Benedict Moose Partially Lost
21 No Dr. for BR Lost
22 Moose-Ter Fix-it Meets Moose-a Stewart Found
23 When the Cap's Away Lost
24 Things That Go Moose in the Night Lost
25 The Secret of Good Moose-trition Found
26 A Big Moose-Take Found
27 Is There a Doctor in the Treasure House? Lost
28 Make Your Own Kind of Moose-ic Lost
29 Reading is Bun-damental Lost
30 Bun-lympics Lost
31 Moose-a-Angelo Lost
32 Sale of the Moose-ry Lost
33 Long Snout Moose-ster's Haaar-ible Manners Lost
34 One for the Bunny, Two for the Show Lost
35 Family Treasure Tree Lost
36 Moose-Magination Lost
37 Moose-Search Lost
38 Bunny and Share Lost
39 Wake Up Little Moose-y Lost
40 If at First Roo Don't Succeed, Fly, Fly Again Lost

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