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Popeye and Betty.jpeg

A still from the very first Popeye cartoon, released in 1933.

Status: Lost

Story[edit | edit source]

According to a 2003 Jim Hill article entitled "Why for?", In 1938, Max Fleischer, creator of Betty Boop and Popeye, wanted to thank animators who had moved from New York to there new Florida studio by having a "Welcome to Miami" party. According to the animators that attended that were interviewed by Hill, there was a special thank you video shown to the guest with Popeye and Betty Boop, that was fully animated with complete backgrounds, voice actors, a music score and a stylized Florida landscaping. The video is said to be very humorous, starting with Popeye coming to visit Betty in Miami where she gives him an "extremely warm welcome", one of the scenes includes Popeye wearing down after an extremely strenuous session with Betty and eating spinach in typical Popeye fashion to finish the job.

After the party, the film was locked into a safe at Fleischer Studios in Florida never publicly being seen again and only being shown to the special guest of Fleischer. In 1942, the Fleischer brothers were kicked out of there studio by Paramount executives, no one knows where the film went afterword. The odds of us finding out the truth are minimal with the Fleischer brothers, most the animators, attendees of the party and voice actors being dead, but it is possible that it could be locked in someone's basement somewhere or in a vault at Paramount Studios Florida waiting to be leaked.

References[edit | edit source]

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