Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Atsumare! Pokémon-boshi Matsuri (lost anime short; 2008)

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A poster for the short.

Status: Lost

"Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl: Atsumare! Pokémon-boshi Matsuri" was a 22 minute long short created specifically for the Konica Minolta planetariums. It played in five diffrent theaters from 2008-2009. It included 122 slides of animation and was the first planetarium short to include Satoshi(Ash)'s companions.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Satoshi, a boy who aims to be the world's best Pokemon Master, his partner Pikachu, and his traveling companions Hikari and Takeshi. Since today is the "Pokemon Star Festival" various pokemon have gathered around, one after the other, and so Satoshi and his friends decide to join in!! The shady hosts of the festival are getting everyone fired up, but it seems like our heroes have seen them before? As everyone is enjoying events like the Pokemon Quiz and nighttime star gazing, the pokemon start to disappear one by one. Even Satoshi's Pikachu goes missing! Can Satoshi and Pikachu make it out of there safely!?

-Plot synopsis from https://dogasu.bulbagarden.net/.

Venues and Release dates[edit | edit source]

# Venue Air Date
1 Saitama City Space Theater May 31st - August 31st, 2008
2 Cultural Parc Jouyou May 31st - September 28th, 2008
3 Nagasaki Science Museum June 7th - August 31st, 2008
4 Tsukuba Expo Center June 7th - August 31st, 2008
5 Gifu Science Museum June 7th, 2008 - May 31st, 2009

Refrences[edit | edit source]