My Bedbugs (partially found children's TV program; 2004-2005)

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Picture of the show's cast.

Status: Partially Found

My Bedbugs was a children's TV program that ran from March 4th, 2002 to April 23rd, 2006, on many PBS stations.

This television program featured characters Gooby, Toofy, and Woozy. It was created by husband and wife Alex Greene and Carol Sweeney in 2002.

This series became rare when the program was under new ownership. No episodes of this show can be found online except for two quick clips on YouTube. The series was the inspiration for the infamous 2012 film flop The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure.

A few screenshots of the characters subsist online.

Season One Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Lost Sock Adventure June 6th, 2002 Partially Found
2 Gooby Loses a Tooth June 16th, 2002 Lost
3 Happy Halloween June 23rd, 2002 Lost
4 Name Unknown June 27th, 2002 Lost
5 Snoozy Speaks Up; Woozy Plays Bugball July 7th, 2002 Lost
6 World of Foods; Pirates of the Bugabean July 11th, 2002 Lost
7 Gooby Gets Upset; Rock Stars July 18th, 2002 Partially Found
8 J. Edgar's Special Birthday; Rainy Day July 25th, 2002 Partially Found
9 J. Edgar Goes to the Doctor; Toofy's Trip to the Dentist July 29, 2002 Lost
10 Story of Little Flower; Dinosaur Egg Aug 20th, 2002 Lost
11 Healthy Food, Healthy You; Help Your Neighbor Aug 29th, 2002 Lost
12 When I Grow Up; Great Day for a Parade Sept 12th, 2002 Lost
13 Gooby's Video Games; Gold Rush Mountain Sept 19th, 2002 Partially Found
14 Bugville Olympics; Be Patient Woozy Oct 24th, 2002 Found
15 Bedbug Memories Nov 10th, 2002 Found
16 Gooby's Glasses; Always Tell the Truth Nov 14th, 2002 Found
17 Woozy Gets Sick Unknown (last seen On Demand) Lost

Season Two Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Bugville County Fair; Going to Grandma's Feb 21st, 2005 Found
2 Bedbug Rodeo; Gooby for President Feb 22nd, 2005 Found
3 The Story of Time; Telling Time Feb 23rd, 2005 Partially Lost
4 Space Adventure; Sunny Side Up Feb 24th, 2005 Lost
5 Alphabet Day; A Trip to Toy Store Feb 25th, 2005 Lost
6 Free Ruffy; Beethoven Gooby Mar 7th, 2005 Found
7 Trees, Trees, Trees; Four Seasons Mar 8th, 2005 Lost
8 Count Your Cookies; Mind Your Manners Mar 9th, 2005 Lost
9 Future Bugs; Explore Your Senses Mar 10th, 2005 Lost
10 The Vic the Vac Show Mar 11th, 2005 Lost

Gallery[edit | edit source]

1 minute of footage from the show.
The intro to the show.

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