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UmJammer Lammy (also known as Um Jammer Lammy) is a rhythm-based video game that launched on the Playstation on March 18, 1999 in Japan. The story is about a guitarist named Lammy, who spends the duration of the story trying to make it to her bands' debut concert. It was a follow up to the video game Parappa the Rapper, which was released on the same console in 1996. To promote UmJammer Lammy, a website titled was created. The website contained music, wallpapers, exclusive videos, and more centered around the game and its characters. Despite the website age, most of its content has thankfully been archived. However, some content, such as promotional videos, remains lost.

List of Webpages[edit | edit source]

Hot Chart[edit | edit source]

Hot Chart is the first page you can find on the Milkcan website. This webpage promotes the UmJammer Lammy arcade game UmJammer Lammy Now! Information on this game is scarce, as this port is considered lost media in itself. Thankfully, the webpage on gives us more insight as to how the arcade game would've played.

CH55 McTV[edit | edit source]

McTV (Milkcan TV) is the second page on the Milkcan website. Here, the viewer can watch four special animations made specifically for the website. In these animations, interviews are being held with each individual member of Milkcan, the fictitious band of UmJammer Lammy. There is also a fourth interview with an "unknown" individual, although the website makes it quite clear that it's the character Chop Chop Master Onion. Out of the four interviews, only one has been recovered, that being of vocalist and bass player Katy Kat. Thumbnails have been recovered for the three other interviews, giving us insight as to what they may have possibly looked like.

English Dojo[edit | edit source]

English Dojo is the third page of the Milkcan website. The purpose of this webpage was to help Japanese speakers understand the English lyrics of the Make It Sweet!/I Scream! soundtrack. All a user had to do was click on the title of a song from the album, and it would take the user to the lyrics of said song. One side of the page would be in English, and the other side would be in Japanese.

Oken'n Roll[edit | edit source]

Oken'n Roll is the fourth page on the Milkcan website. This was a special karaoke feature for the Milkcan - Make it Sweet! album. If the user had access to a CD Drive, they could insert a copy of their soundtrack for the game into their computer, and lyrics would pop up on their screen. The lyrics were in Japanese, so one could assumed that this page was for native Japanese players who had trouble understanding the English lyrics.

Shout![edit | edit source]

Shout! is the fifth page of the Milkcan website. It was a way for people to share their thoughts and opinions on UmJammer Lammy or anything else related to the game. In order to 'Shout,' the user would need to put in their name, age, gender, email, title, and the most important part, their thoughts on the topic. There were rules that users had to follow before posting, which were stated below on the website:

  • No stuff that gives out the answers to the game, allowed. It just takes away the fun from those who are enjoying the game right now. If you just gotta write about it, Say so in your title, so those of us who don't wanna know can just skip it.
  • No fighting. We just wanna ask everybody not to write anything mean or hostile to any and everyone out there.
  • No plagiarism. If what you write and say belongs to someone else, just don't write it.
  • No business or commercial activities allowed. No trading of any sort allowed.
  • No election campaigns allowed. AND please don't start scouting people to any organization of any sort.
  • No pornography or any X-rated stuff allowed. We don't want our children getting any ideas.
  • If you think what you write might be against the Japanese law, try to refrain from writing it.
  • Last, of all, we just want to tell you all to be nice and have a great time.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Friends is the sixth page to the Milkcan website. The page listed the affiliates to the website, such as an official website for UmJammer Lammy that was on the PlayStation website for awhile, but it seems that it was taken down as well. Other affiliates that were taken down include the Japanese Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) corporate website, and a link to the art developer's website, which is still active.[1]

Candy[edit | edit source]

Candy is the seventh page on the Milkcan website. The page featured three different files that a user could print out: One is a flyer for the UmJammer Lammy Now! arcade game, one is art featuring Lammy's band Milkcan playing up on stage, and one is of a 'rare' American advertisement from a Playstation magazine.

Solider[edit | edit source]

Solider is the eighth and last page on the Milkcan website. It serves as thanks to those who worked on the Umjammer Lammy soundtrack and Make It Sweet!/I Scream albums.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Surprisingly, the website is extremely well archived for its age. Although the Wayback Machine has archived the website from as far back as the year 2000, there are sources that point that the website is much older than originally thought. Archived fan sites from the time of the websites launch point that the website was launched closer to June of 1999.[2] As a result, content hasn't been archived by the Wayback Machine is considered lost.

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